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The State of Sustainability Reporting & Transparency in Canada       

[Join me at TSSS on Feb 5th as we delve into the disconnect between CSR Reporting and Bay/Wall St. – why does it exist and what can we do about it. Click here for details: Bay/Wall Street and Sustainability: Does your CSR Report Resonate with Investors?]

sustainability_reportSustainability reporting in Canada today presents a dilemma. On the one hand, a 2014 study of Canadian reporters by Stakeholder Research Associates Canada (SRA) suggests that a mere 42% of Canadian companies listed on the TSX Composite disclose meaningfully ESG information. SRA’s research also found that among 100 reporting companies across various sectors and geographic regions in Canada, only 20% communicated a long-term strategy informed by targets and goals and only 38% identified their material issues.

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Storytelling Plays a Vital Role in Communicating Sustainable Value To Investors

[This is a great article by Carolyn McMaster of Thinkshift Communications. The issue of communicating sustainable value to investors is a very complex nut to crack BUT with the proper communication strategy it can be accomplished. Join me at the upcoming TSSS event on Feb 5 (Bay/Wall St. and Sustainability) to explore this complex issue, Philip Haid of PUBLIC Inc.]


Increasingly investors see sustainability as an opportunity and a business advantage, but most also say companies don’t successfully communicate how “sustainability initiatives are linked to their strategy, financial performance and value in meaningful ways.”

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Mainstreaming Responsible Investing: Exciting times but big questions remain

RIWLooking forward to the 2014 Canadian Responsible Investment Conference next week in Toronto, the main event in the first annual Responsible Investment Week, it’s worth taking a step back to consider where the RI community stands today – and where it might be headed in the near future.

The inauguration of an annual, high-profile RI week is highly symbolic of the growing demand for RI knowledge, and the (dare we hope?) slow but steady movement towards ‘mainstreaming.’ The RI community and the sector it represents are growing. There is much to celebrate, but some big questions persist around what mainstreaming might mean, and what the future of RI should look like. What ESG metrics most pertain to different firms, industries, and portfolios, for example? Should ESG risk assessments be integrated into all financial analysis, or executed as an independent, second-level filter?

Perhaps the most pressing amongst such questions is the issue of what Responsible Investment in fossil fuels should entail. This is best represented by the growing debate over engagement vs. divestment.

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Great Example of Canadian-Led Collaboration: Towards a Gold-standard Benchmark for Sustainable Business

gold-standardEvery so often in life you take part in a unique and transformational experience. On September 11th in Toronto, an inspiring group of individuals representing a who´s who of organizations working to help business achieve breakthrough sustainability performance came together to create such an experience.

They were invited to explore an issue of importance to all of us there, but that we knew could not be solved by any of us alone. It would require collaboration. Here is the issue in a nutshell:

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Impact investing and responsible investing: what does it mean?

Impact Investing

Currently, the market for impact investing is estimated at anywhere from $1 trillion to $14 trillion when global infrastructure investments are included.

We hear a lot about impact investing these days, but what is it and how does it relate to responsible investing? As we know, responsible investing takes environmental, social and governance factors into consideration in investment decision making. Impact investing is a sub-set of responsible investing. Here the investor intentionally invests to achieve positive social and/or environmental impact in addition to financial return.

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