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Storytelling Plays a Vital Role in Communicating Sustainable Value To Investors

[This is a great article by Carolyn McMaster of Thinkshift Communications. The issue of communicating sustainable value to investors is a very complex nut to crack BUT with the proper communication strategy it can be accomplished. Join me at the upcoming TSSS event on Feb 5 (Bay/Wall St. and Sustainability) to explore this complex issue, Philip Haid of PUBLIC Inc.]


Increasingly investors see sustainability as an opportunity and a business advantage, but most also say companies don’t successfully communicate how “sustainability initiatives are linked to their strategy, financial performance and value in meaningful ways.”

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Keep the spotlight on the the true hero – 3 tips for telling your sustainability story.


It’s tempting enough for brands to want to talk about themselves – even truer when they are doing something good.

In today’s radically transparent social business marketplace, the reputation of a company extends way beyond its marketing to include its supply chain, manufacturing processes, employee treatment and customer engagement.

Likewise, full circle sustainability requires that companies overhaul how they source their ingredients, manufacture and distribute their products, and manage the waste they generate. Both of these realities place higher demands on time-poor executives and entrepreneurs, yet too many fail to recoup the costs of such efforts because they don’t share their sustainability story effectively.

In fact, almost all companies are guilty of three key mistakes that mean these investments of time, money and energy never build their brand or bottom line.

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How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?

Susan_CamberisHaving spent over a decade in Human Resources, with a growing interest in sustainability, the questions I have increasingly found myself asking these questions:

  • What is HR’s role in sustainability?
  • How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?
  • How can the HR function better equip itself to lead change in this important area?

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Why Bother with CSR? It’s all about the Brand

BrandIn 2006, Andrew Winston and Daniel Esty wrote in Green to Gold that building corporate reputation and trusted brands is one of the ways smart companies can profit from sustainability. “The better a company does at protecting its reputation and building brand trust, the more successful it will be at gaining and maintaining competitive differentiation,” they wrote.

Six years later, MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG asked 2,600 executives, “What are the greatest benefits to your organizations in addressing sustainability?” The first reply on the list was none other than “improved brand reputation” (40 percent).

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Right Innovation, Wrong Time? A Lesson In Futureproofing.

I had an interesting conversation with Isabelle Faivre, Marketing Director of Cascades Tissue Group, last week. Cascades just made headlines with the launch of Moka beige bathroom tissue paper, a new twist for the U.S. market and arguably the most environmentally responsible product of its kind.

The only thing is, Moka isn’t exactly a new brand concept. It was, in fact, first launched in non-white napkins in the late ‘90s. But early sales were sluggish at best.

So why is Faivre bullish on Moka, the bathroom tissue? And why are the brand’s napkins increasingly getting an enthusiastic reception in the commercial market (hotels, schools, etc)?  What’s changed?

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