Business and Sustainability

Rethinking your annual sustainability report as a yearlong storytelling dialogue


Does feeding the digital beast keep you up at night?

Feeding the digital beast. It can be a source of sleepless nights for PR pros who’ve been charged with providing fresh content for a company’s website, Facebook page, Instagram posts and Twitter feeds, among other platforms. A large source of material could be within your grasp: sustainability reports. OK, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. I’ll admit these voluminous documents are usually seen as a snooze-fest, not as central to PR’s content marketing effort. But that’s starting to change.

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Unilever’s early leadership in “social purpose” is paying off.

Today the ethical consumer market hovers between 10 and 20 per cent. These numbers haven’t moved much since the term was first popularized 25 years ago. Yet market researchers such as Edelman and Ipsos Reid tell us that more than 80 per cent of Canadian consumers want companies to champion social causes, lead social change and stand for something. Companies that figure out how to tap into this latent demand for corporate social purpose stand to win big.

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Will GRI’s new strategy work?

The new tagline of GRI’s 2015-2020 strategy:
“Empowering Sustainable Decisions.”


GRI is aiming to reach beyond the way organizations collate and report sustainability information to the place where the market actually thinks about what to do with the information that’s ordered into neat performance indicators and creatively designed into sustainability reports.

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World Environment Day Doesn’t Have to be a Sombre Topic


Often times, sustainability can be a somewhat sombre topic with depressing statistics. For that very reason, on this World Environment Day, Ecosystem decided to take a different approach. Instead of talking about ourselves and how many metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions we’ve reduced, we simply wanted to have a bit of fun and share our humour with the rest of the world!

Luckily, our engineers have a great sense of humour (we think!) and artistic talents and came up with the comic strips below for your enjoyment! There are more (and a surprise!) on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Happy World Environment Day!

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New Report Offers Advice on Selling Sustainability But Something is Missing.

Why is selling sustainability so difficult?


After all “sustainable products, services and behaviors are the future. They are better for business, consumers and the planet, and increasingly consumers are asking for them.”

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