Business and Sustainability

Finding Sustainability Talent – The New Business Imperative.

Fueled by globalization, technological change, population growth and shifting demographics, sustainability mega-forces will affect the ability of business to succeed and thrive over the next 30 years.

An interconnected set of leadership competencies will be in high demand from the next generation of sustainability leaders.

An interconnected set of leadership competencies will be in high demand from the next generation of sustainability leaders.

With the global population expected to balloon from 7 billion to 9 billion people by 2050, companies will need to reinvent themselves to secure their access to resources and the social license to operate and grow.

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Show Me the Money: Sustainability and Financial Outperformance


At the leading edge of sustainability best practice some leading companies are already developing meaningful pathways towards truly sustainable business models. For the followers, there is perhaps a perceptible acceptance that sustainability is an important aspect of good corporate management. However, there still remains a need to demonstrate, within the current modes of capitalism, how sustainability impacts financial performance.

In our discussions with companies and sustainability practitioners within them, we often find that establishing a clear business case for sustainability is still required.

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When Good Intentions are not Enough: De-Coding Supply Chain Sustainability

supplychain01-500x350It is simply not enough in today’s world to just set out a CSR policy or a supplier code of conduct or total up the number of sustainability initiatives in the supply chain and think you are doing the right thing. The days of accountability by case study are fading fast. Companies must actually do the work and invest the capital to create lasting (and profitable) change in their supply chains

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Canadian are squandering their water BUT there are solutions


 Canada has one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, points out World Wildlife Fund Canada—and the third largest supply after Brazil and Russia, notes the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. Yet that is only 7 percent of the world’s renewable fresh water supply, and “the perception that Canada is blessed with an abundance of freshwater has led to misuse and abuse of the resource,” says Environment Canada (EC).

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8 Lessons from an Emerging Sustainability Professional

Just 6 months after joining the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management program at U of T, I began to see a whole new world of opportunity about what it means to be a “leader in sustainability”. As part of my program, this summer I will work at Cennatek, a bioenergy start-up in London, Ontario, as the Business Development & Marketing intern. I’m excited to take the classroom lessons and use them to make an impact in this budding, but growing industry. For those who are in a similar stage in their careers, here are some lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

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