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For Mission Based Business the Best Metric to Determine Impact….is Sales

HONEST TEA PET LABELSSince 1993, when I was at the Yale School of Management, to my work with the Calvert Funds and Foundation and now with my company Honest Tea, I’ve been a part of hundreds of discussions and debates about how to evaluate the return on an impact investment.

Centuries of academic work and millions of billable hours have been dedicated to refining the metrics of financial investments so that investors have a clear picture of their return. But those of us in the social investment space continue to navigate in far murkier waters.

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Sustainable Agriculture Meets Big Business

Sustainability is infiltrating the consciousness of business. The marketing strategy of many iconic brands is changing and thankfully photo-ops with employees dressed in Earth Day T-shirts as they build a garden don’t quite cut it anymore. Rather, sustainability agendas, CSR reports, corporate sponsorships, green initiatives and memberships in a variety of public-private multi-stakeholder initiatives are becoming the norm.

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Earth Day (Month) should be about celebration, NOT despair

April is Earth Month, and April 22 Earth Day. We should really celebrate our small blue planet and all it provides every day, but recent events give us particular cause to reflect on our home and how we’re treating it.

There's no excuse to keep on destroying our home. If we are to observe Earth Day and Earth Month, let's make it a time to celebrate, not to despair.

There’s no excuse to keep on destroying our home. If we are to observe Earth Day and Earth Month, let’s make it a time to celebrate, not to despair.

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11 Ways to Build WIN-WIN Corporate-NGO Partnerships

Alice_KorngoldCompanies that are successful in finding solutions to global problems work in partnership with each other and with NGOs. Through the right partnerships, companies can leverage valuable access and expertise to achieve their business objectives—including building regional capacity, enhancing community relationships, and gaining knowledge of markets where the company seeks to expand its presence.

By understanding and helping improve communities, multinational corporations are best positioned to invest in facilities, infrastructure and workforces, and create and sell products and services that people want.

So how do you ensure the partnerships you invest in are worthy of your time and resources, and focus on impact? Here are a few best practices:

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6 Tips For Getting Executives to Buy-In to Sustainability

What do executives have in common with school kids? They both can be pretty picky says Laura Vanderkam, as outlined in the Fast Company article 6 Quick Lessons from the School Lunch Line for Pleasing Picky CustomersAccording to Jennifer Woofter, these helpful tips can also be applied to sustainability efforts when trying to convince executives to green-light a project. My team has taken the article’s six lessons which are listed below and added our own commentary.


School kids and executives aren’t so different, according to Laura Vanderkam

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