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Bob Willard: “I’m Screwing Up as a Sustainability Champion.”

[Strong words from one of the most effective change agents in Sustainability]

“I’m screwing up as a sustainability champion. Going forward I’ve decided to change tactics and lead with a “burning platform” of environmental and social risks rather than the “carrot” of business opportunities.”


For fifteen years, I have been writing and speaking about how corporations can capture the 4 carrots of emerging business opportunities, while reducing their negative environmental and social footprints.  The good news is that, for whatever reasons, some businesses are making incremental progress on their sustainability agendas. The bad news is that not enough firms are making enough progress, fast enough, to get to where they need to be―and to where my kids and my grandsons need them to be. I’ve decided to click into a different gear and to lead with a “burning platform” of environmental and social risks―the stick―that businesses must mitigate if they want to be fit for the future. There are 5 reasons that it’s time for me―and perhaps other frustrated sustainability champions―to change tactics.

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3 Unique Sustainability Journeys: What I Learned During The First 2 Months in the Field

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Bipin Tiwari, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

“A great innovator is the one who uses a mixture of ingredients like creativity, change, and effort in their actions, to achieve what seems impossible.”


Bipin Tiwari, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

As a Chemical Engineer having worked with eminent scientists, industrial professionals, and startups in the past, the craving to explore the field of Sustainability increased with each step. As a graduate student of Master of Science in Sustainability Management Program at UofT, I am learning the art of solving problems by balancing technical and managerial qualities.

This summer as a part of my program, I am working on a special project as an R&D Industrial Intern with Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc. The journey thus far has not only enhanced my decision making skills but has also developed the innovator within me. I’ve learned that doing an extensive literature survey before initiating a project is something that is often overlooked by policy makers. Research and anticipating costly negative outcomes are key components when starting a new project.  This was an invaluable piece of learning that I gained from my past two month’s at Fielding Chemical Technologies.

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Businesses (still) discriminate against women

The need to create a society in which fair and equal opportunity for women exists is no less acute than it ever was. And that, apparently, takes longer than a day.

women collaborating

So. Another International Women’s Day has come and gone. Celebrating the achievements of women. Doesn’t do much for me, I have to say. The implication is that it’s sort of amazing or even surprising that women achieve anything at all. Unlike men, for whom achievement is apparently quite natural as they don’t have a Day all to themselves, international or otherwise. International Women’s Day to me is quite unnecessary. As a woman, wife, mother, business-owner and yes, achiever, in my own modest way, I don’t really need a Day. I am happy to celebrate my own achievements in my own way whenever I feel I want to.

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Telling a Sustainability Story? What to do and what NOT to do.

Everybody loves a list, right? Right.

Well, here’s mine – a 46-point manifesto-like checklist for anybody looking to communicate corporate sustainability. It’s not rocket science. But as the following pointers suggest, there’s every opportunity to get it wrong and a plethora of reasons to get it right.

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Measuring social value is a tricky business. So what do the experts think?

Just how important is data? What measurement tools are out there? This range of insights should help you off the starting block.


If you’re thinking about incorporating social value in a serious way, you’re certainly not alone. Many companies are cottoning on to the fact that creating positive social impact is not just for those who want to do good, but also those who want to help their business flourish. As it turns out, Coca-Cola Enterprises put some numbers against this late last year, in a study that found that some 90% of CEOs and future business leaders believe businesses should have a social purpose.

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