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3 Recent Reports on the Unsustainable Income/Wealth Chasms

Is the tax system fair? Or more importantly, does it lead to or detract from, societal prosperity?

There has been, and always will be, a wealth gap between the rich and the poor. It’s the degree of this disparity that is the issue. The current global wealth chasm has reached a dangerous threshold. So has the income chasm. Within the last month, 3 reports on the unsustainable income / wealth chasms were released by organizations that do excellent research on the issue.  They confirm that the gulf between rich and poor is wide and growing wider.  It is now obscene enough that it is deemed newsworthy by mainstream media.

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Your Sustainability Strategy is Set. Now What?

A great plan without an implementation strategy is nothing more than a great plan.pathway choices

Increasingly, a growing number of organizations put a lot of effort into designing and adopting sustainability strategies only to find themselves struggling with implementation and buy-in after the honeymoon period. Momentum stalls and people get side-tracked and lose focus, potentially diminishing the efforts of the initial stages. That’s why in my sustainability strategy practice I focus on advising and coaching clients on sustainability implementation and embedment.

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Elaine Cohen’s Top Ten Sustainability Reports of 2015

Here we are again, time to pronounce my Top Ten Sustainability Reports for 2015.


Every year I say that selecting my Top Ten is the hardest thing I do on the CSR Reporting Blog and every year I am right. I am always soooooo tempted to increase the number to more than 10. I have been picking Top Tens now for several years… 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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Green Energy Pioneer Bullfrog Power Talks Energy Landscape

bullfrog-logoBullfrog Power is an inspiring Canadian green energy success story. Since 2005 Bullfrog pioneers in providing easy solutions for large businesses like Walmart, Unilever, and RBC as well as individuals to power their homes and offices with 100% renewable energy. At their tenth anniversary I talk to CEO Ron Seftel on how the green energy landscape has evolved and how businesses may position themselves for the anticipated changes from our new climate-friendly federal and provincial governments.

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Amazing Canadian social initiative! Hiring portal aims to connect once-homeless youth with jobs.


Businesses create value by focusing and optimizing their resources to solve their customers’ problems. We believe that corporations can also help solve social problems and should apply the practices that make them valuable as businesses to the issues that are of highest priority to Canadians.

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