Minneapolis based Tom Ruesink was a director in the consulting division for a large Travel Management Company before venturing off to start Ruesink Consulting Group in 2006. He helps Fortune 1000 companies drive T&E savings and compliance, helps travel vendors with their reporting strategies, and is a gamer-at-heart. He published his first gaming article in a 1983 All-Star Replay magazine (Avalon Hill) while in high school and in the mid 2000’s was the #2 ranked electric football (yes, that ol’ game) player in the United States behind a guy named Raiderman.

Articles by Tom

Gamification and corporate travel: Turn saving money into a game and everyone wins

Up in the Air, starring George Clooney

I hate George Clooney.

For a solid twelve months after “Up In The Air” was released, every Power Point deck at every trade show conference in the travel industry felt that it was their moral obligation to tie their presentation to a video clip from that movie.

Yes, George was on an endless quest for loyalty points.  Yes, George considered corporate travel a game in which he navigated deftly to the paths of least resistance and most accumulation.  Yes, it was a cute movie, but why couldn’t Zombieland have a corporate travel spin instead?  At least then the embedded clips would show travelers on a kick-ass quest for a Twinkie instead of points and miles.

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