Kathy Kuntz joined Cool Choices in May 2010. She has almost two decades of experience promoting energy efficiency to businesses, communities and individuals; she was previously responsible for leading Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy program. Always more interested in people than widgets, Kathy is delighted to be involved in Cool Choices’ efforts to make stewardship an everyday norm.

Articles by Kathy

Want People Seriously Engaged in Sustainability? Make It a Game

Can games really make the world a better place?  Is it possible to “play” our way to a more sustainable future?

Games are definitely part of the solution.

At Cool Choices we take games very seriously. We’ve seen how games can make sustainability fun, popular and easy.

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    Pam AM TorontoJoin TSSS on April 1st as our panel explores the power of sport to reach people and communities like nothing else can. Topics to be discussed include: Community Engagement, Sustainable Purchasing, Importance of a Clear Vision, Diversity and Inclusion, Branding and Leaving a Legacy. Learn more
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