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Chris Jarvis is the owner and co-founder of Realized Worth. Realized Worth is a Toronto-based consultancy and training firm that works with companies to design and implement outstanding employee volunteer programs. Chris and his partner, Angela Parker, utilize an approach that elevates employee volunteering from a task-oriented activity to a transformative experience, creating essential value for the company, the employees and the community.

Chris and Angela have collaborated with Elaine Cohen on her recently published book ‘CSR for HR’. This book provides Human Resources Managers a practical step by step guide to the way CSR interfaces with every HR function. Additionally, they are proud to have worked with Boston College on several research projects including Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering and The End of Employee Volunteering.

Articles by Chris

13 Conferences for 2013 – Plus 17 More!

What conferences should I attend this year? Below is our top 13 for 2013 – plus 17 more! These conferences are focused on CSR, Sustainability, Corporate Volunteering and/or Philanthropy.   Note: Even with 30 conferences listed, there are likely to be some that we missed. Please help us make our list more accurate. You can comment at the end of this article or contact us directly at [email protected].

13 Conferences for 2013

1. 12th Annual Best Practices Summit on Employee Engagement in Corporate Citizenship: ‘Make It Matter’
WHERE: Grand Hyatt New York, Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY
WHEN: April 3-4, 2012
HOW MUCH: $425 (Note – this conference is ‘by invite only’ but you can request an invite from us – Realized Worth)

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This Valentine’s Day, Think Like Microsoft….No Seriously

This Valentine’s Day, take Microsoft’s lead: Cater to Individuality, Tap Into Passion, and Be Extravagant. Follow the philosophy of a company that intends to change the world – and you just might change your world too.

As long as people keep falling in love, Valentine’s Day will be a source of awkward conversation for men everywhere. Last week, for example, we overheard three guys at a bar feigning nonchalance over this particularly stress-inducing holiday. “Not that I care, but she says chocolates are unoriginal…” “Yeah… red roses… everybody does that. But whatever, right?”

Women aren’t off the hook here, either. In fact, unless her partner happens to be especially fond of the colors pink and red, a woman may have a more difficult time deciding on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift than a man.

For a centuries-old holiday, Valentine’s Day still stumps the best of us. But this year? We think we have the perfect answer.

No, seriously.

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A Comparison of 12 Workplace Giving Tools

There are new options for workplace giving tools almost every month. The United Way may have normalized the idea of ‘giving at the office’ but these new tools take the concept way beyond traditional giving campaigns.

With so many options available these days to manage workplace giving, we’ve created a list for our readers – and we’ve added our own perspective. The following list is not exhaustive by any means. In fact, we’d like to extend an invitation to our readers to create a more complete list by adding organizations we’ve missed in the comments section below.

What makes a workplace giving tool useful?

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7 Reasons Why Online Tools Improve Workplace Giving

It’s time for companies to change the way they invest their philanthropic dollars. It’s no longer good enough to simply give money away. The entire process must create impact: for the community, the company, and the employees.

Community investments done poorly

I recently read a post on the 3BL Media site regarding Eli Lilly’s employee giving program. The post explained that in 2011 the employees of Lilly helped donate more than $850,000. Since a big part of our work has to do with employee giving programs I was interested to learn more.

By the fourth paragraph I was rolling my eyes.  Turns out that 14,000 Lilly employees helped give out corporate funds ($775,00), but only contributed something like $75,000 out of their own pockets. That’s an average of $5 per employee.

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Set Goals and Find Collaborators when Embarking on a Corporate Volunteer Program

Begin with the end in mind

In his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen R. Covey explains that everyone should take time to decide what they want out of life. For Covey, this means that we “Begin with the End in Mind”. We should “begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.” Often we get caught in the tyranny of the urgent and forfeit the important.

This is good advice for life. It is also good advice for designing and managing employee volunteer programs.

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