Marc Stoiber is a creative director, entrepreneur, green brand specialist and writer. He works with clients to build resilient, futureproof brands.

Marc’s leadership positions have included VP of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas, President and Founder of Change Advertising, National Creative Director of Grey Canada and Creative Director of DDB Toronto.

He has helped two ad agencies rise from obscurity to market prominence, and his work has been recognized by virtually every international industry award for advertising and design.

Marc writes on brand innovation for Huffington Post, Fast Company, GreenBiz and Sustainable Life Media. He also speaks on the subject from coast to coast, and has been featured at TED. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Marc

At BASF Innovation is part of the DNA

A key element of futureproof brands is innovation.

As someone with a particular interest in building tough, resilient brands of the future, I’m always curious how big companies keep their innovation, well, innovative.  After all, innovation tends to thrive in open, collaborative environments where failure is welcomed and old ideas can be jettisoned. Not what you find in your typical multinational.

So when I was introduced to Volker Schaedler as a preamble to the 2012 Sustainable Brands conference, I sat up. Schaedler is head of innovation and technology for BASF North America. What did the chemistry giant have to say about innovation and sustainability that would warrant a keynote at SB 2012?

Turns out, the chemistry Schaedler wanted to talk about was not of the molecular sort.

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Consumers Will Save The World (If You Give Them Points)

Last summer, OgilvyEarth released Mainstream Green,  a significant study on why mainstream consumers weren’t buying into the green movement.

Mainstream Green noted that the majority of consumers were ‘light green’ and willing to act sustainably, but the incentives simply weren’t motivating.

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Right Innovation, Wrong Time? A Lesson In Futureproofing.

I had an interesting conversation with Isabelle Faivre, Marketing Director of Cascades Tissue Group, last week. Cascades just made headlines with the launch of Moka beige bathroom tissue paper, a new twist for the U.S. market and arguably the most environmentally responsible product of its kind.

The only thing is, Moka isn’t exactly a new brand concept. It was, in fact, first launched in non-white napkins in the late ‘90s. But early sales were sluggish at best.

So why is Faivre bullish on Moka, the bathroom tissue? And why are the brand’s napkins increasingly getting an enthusiastic reception in the commercial market (hotels, schools, etc)?  What’s changed?

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Plastic: The Next Great Brand Challenge

“We live in a platform world!” an enthusiastic Jason Foster told me at the recent Sustainable Brands Conference in Monterey. “Bulk, weight and mass are the new parameters for innovation.”

If this all sounds a bit confusing, let me backtrack. Foster has created an entirely new format for plastic spray bottles and containers that rethinks many of the core presumptions of the category.

The big idea? Move past the current cheap disposable bottle (and mindset) toward a new paradigm of utility. The goal is to design bottles that are truly reusable.

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Can Capitalism be tweaked to adjust to our finite planet?

Capitalism was founded on a simple principle: I create a product or service that provides you with a benefit, and you pay me. You’re rewarded with a sense of well-being, and I’m rewarded with money. Both of us walk away happy.

There are two catches, however.

The first is that we live on a finite planet. If the products and services I create for you use up our natural resources, eventually I’ll have to stop. My wealth will end, your well-being will end, and we’ll all be grumpy.

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