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Storytelling Plays a Vital Role in Communicating Sustainable Value To Investors

[This is a great article by Carolyn McMaster of Thinkshift Communications. The issue of communicating sustainable value to investors is a very complex nut to crack BUT with the proper communication strategy it can be accomplished. Join me at the upcoming TSSS event on Feb 5 (Bay/Wall St. and Sustainability) to explore this complex issue, Philip Haid of PUBLIC Inc.]


Increasingly investors see sustainability as an opportunity and a business advantage, but most also say companies don’t successfully communicate how “sustainability initiatives are linked to their strategy, financial performance and value in meaningful ways.”

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What stands in the way of responsible oilsands development?

jgrant-mug-2011The federal government is spending two years and $24 million in taxpayer dollars on an ad campaign to cast the oilsands industry as a world leader in “responsible resource development. It’s a storyline echoed by oilsands proponents, who assert — as Margaret Wente did earlier this week — that oilsands production is governed by “some of the most stringent environmental regulations on the planet.”

Even if that were true — and unfortunately, it’s not — regulations can only save the day if they are enforced. Take a closer look at environmental management in the oilsands, and you’ll find too many cases where existing regulations are brushed off by oilsands operators, government agencies, or both.

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Bob Willard: “We Need To Get Our Act Together” – The Sustainability Gold-Standard

New MetricsAt the third annual Sustainable Brands NewMetrics Conference at the University of Pennsylvania in September, the need for next-generation sustainability goals — which measure progress toward real-world goal-lines such as carbon budgets, water tables, and living wages — emerged as a key theme. To dig deeper, NewMetrics channel co-curator Bill Baue discussed this question of “endzone” goals with prominent voices in the field, including Allen White, of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings; Andrew Winston, author of the forthcoming book, The Big Pivot; SustainAbility CEO Mark Lee, and others.

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McDonald’s: “Yes, our burgers are 100% beef!” Building Trust through Good Communication

McDonalds going greenBob Langert, McDonald’s Global VP CSR and Sustainability, spoke to the TSSS audience on Oct. 9, 2013 about the lessons he’s learned from the “CSR front lines”. Langert’s presentation was both professional and personal; he described how once he became a grandfather, he found himself thinking much more about the future.  This type of personal connection is a familiar story for many who have embarked upon a sustainability journey.  Sustainability is about our collective future, for ourselves, but even more so, for the generations to come.

Langert described his Top 10 Lessons Learned from the CSR Front Lines in three realms – Opportunity, Integration and Connection.  As an example from the first realm, he described the importance of moving from ‘fear’ to ‘opportunity’, and seeing previously perceived ‘enemies’ (e.g. NGOs) as ‘friends’.  For example, in 1989 McDonald’s faced significant negative public attention directed towards its polystyrene packaging, and suffered the indignity of nicknames like “McToxic”.  McDonalds worked with its supply chain partners and NGOs such as the Environmental Defence Fund and was able to reduce waste by 300 million lbs. during the 1990s – this meant significant cost savings for a zero cost program.

[Join us for a follow-up webinar conversation with Bob Langert on October 23rd at 1pm – hosted by CSRwire.  The webinar will summarize the discussion from the live event and hear which of the 250+ brainstorming ideas regarding authentic and transparent communication resonated with McDonald’s senior leaders.  Click here to register for what is sure to be a great interactive discussion.]

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Sustainability communication requires a rethink: Communication is the last step NOT the first!

When it comes to building brands and driving change, effective communication is a prerequisite. Unsurprisingly then, communications are often the first port of call when it comes to the unique challenges and opportunities that sustainability represents for today’s brands.


However, emerging cultural, economic and technological trends related to sustainability are forcing brands to think differently about the role of communications in their wider brand ecosystem. As is so often the case, when the game is changing this quickly, a more effective solution requires a redefinition of the problem.

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