Julia is an occasional but enthusiastic contributor and former Senior Editor of the Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series Blog.

She currently works in the Sustainable & Innovative Transportation Office at Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, where she develops policies and programs to support alternative transportation modes in the province. She also works to implement the organization’s sustainability strategy. With strengths in research, analysis, writing, and communication, Julia seeks to effect change by finding creative ways to communicate research and knowledge to diverse stakeholders and decision makers.

Articles by Julia

Turn sustainability cynics into believers! An interview with John Marshall Roberts

If you need to sell the boss—or the World—on your vision, your public speaking skills will help, but a little understanding might get you further. At least that’s what applied behavioural scientist John Marshall Roberts suggests. In an upcoming webinar [date TBA], John will map out how sustainability advocates can use a worldview lens to understand and more effectively reach cynical audiences. I recently had the chance to chat with John about what it means to be a change-maker and how his method will help sustainability visionaries lead the way. Read More »

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Climate Change and CSR: It’s a Shared Burden (August 4, 2011)

Fenton hosted its 10th CSR Twitter Chat on August 4 and the topic was the intersection of CSR and Global Climate Change. During the lively and rapid one-hour “discussion”, a consensus was reached that business’s response to climate change is a shared burden and one that companies can’t manage alone. Sixty consultants and corporate representatives (US-based and international) contributed thoughts, studies, reports and reiterated the urgency to respond to the harsh realities we are all facing. Most felt that governments are a step or two behind and business must lead the way with innovation. Cross center collaboration is required.

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Changing Organizational DNA: An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Bertels

Upcoming TSSS speaker (June 21st – click for details) Dr. Stephanie Bertels is an Assistant Professor in Technology and Operations Management at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. As a topic editor on Organizational Culture for the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), she keeps an eye on high quality academic research and makes sure it gets translated quickly for practitioners working on the ground.  She is the lead author on the recent NBS report, Embedding Sustainability into Organizational Culture, a comprehensive review of the literature on the subject. I spoke with Dr. Bertels recently about her research and her perspective on the sustainability of business.

Julia Barnes: Your research focuses on how organizations go about the process of embedding sustainability into their organizational culture. Can you tell me more about what you’re interested in?

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Green marketing just good marketing: An interview with Jacquie Ottman

Jacquie Ottman

Jacquie Ottman, Author of The New Rules of Green Marketing

Jacquie Ottman is founder and principal of J. Ottman Consulting and a leading expert on green marketing in the United States. Since leaving an early career in advertising, she has gained over twenty years experience working with sustainability leaders to promote “eco-innovation” in products and services and develop award-winning green marketing campaigns.

We caught up with Jacquie in March 2011 to talk about balancing environmental messages with brand messages, greenwash avoidance, and her newly released book, The New Rules of Green Marketing.

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SIMS Electronics Recycling: The true story behind electronics waste recycling (March 9, 2011)

Cindy Coutts
President, SIMS Recycling Solutions

DATE: Wednesday March 9, 2011, 5:00 – 6:30 pm
LOCATION: 55 University Ave. (Street Level), Toronto

Is your company contributing to the dumping of e-waste in the developing world? How can you be sure? What are the right questions to ask? Be sure that a green supply chain doesn’t end with a PR disaster.

Participate in a candid discussion about policy, life cycle management, and the risks your company faces from the way you manage your e-waste. Learn how to protect your corporate brand from the negative PR resulting from data theft and your indirect participation in illegal dumping.

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  • TSSS EVENT: Sport and Sustainability: A Focus on the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games (FREE Livestream)

    Pam AM TorontoJoin TSSS on April 1st as our panel explores the power of sport to reach people and communities like nothing else can. Topics to be discussed include: Community Engagement, Sustainable Purchasing, Importance of a Clear Vision, Diversity and Inclusion, Branding and Leaving a Legacy. Learn more
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