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Should oil and gas companies be excluded from sustainability rankings?

Bob WillardDid you notice anything strange about the latest Global 100 rankings and the Climate Counts rankings? The January 2014 Global 100 ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable large publically traded companies included ten oil and gas companies. The December 2013 Climate Counts rankings of corporations with the most sustainable carbon emissions included five oil and gas companies. What the …?! There are 3 reasons that inclusion of oil and gas companies in these rankings doesn’t pass the gut check.

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Great Example of Canadian-Led Collaboration: Towards a Gold-standard Benchmark for Sustainable Business

gold-standardEvery so often in life you take part in a unique and transformational experience. On September 11th in Toronto, an inspiring group of individuals representing a who´s who of organizations working to help business achieve breakthrough sustainability performance came together to create such an experience.

They were invited to explore an issue of importance to all of us there, but that we knew could not be solved by any of us alone. It would require collaboration. Here is the issue in a nutshell:

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Bob Willard: “We Need To Get Our Act Together” – The Sustainability Gold-Standard

New MetricsAt the third annual Sustainable Brands NewMetrics Conference at the University of Pennsylvania in September, the need for next-generation sustainability goals — which measure progress toward real-world goal-lines such as carbon budgets, water tables, and living wages — emerged as a key theme. To dig deeper, NewMetrics channel co-curator Bill Baue discussed this question of “endzone” goals with prominent voices in the field, including Allen White, of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings; Andrew Winston, author of the forthcoming book, The Big Pivot; SustainAbility CEO Mark Lee, and others.

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The Staus Quo is No Longer Working: Capitalism 2.0 is Emerging

Matyas LukacsIs our industrial society at a crossroads?

It seems that the social, environmental and economic woes we are faced with today are here to stay. Intellectuals1 have inferred that these mutually reinforcing dilemmas can be induced and magnified by the underpinnings of our current system, Capitalism 1.0. Driven primarily by the motive for profit and ‘growth for the sake of growth’, the present model has brought with it incessant and uncompromising economic expansion at the expense of social and environmental considerations.

Feel free to sign up for our upcoming White Paper, “Capitalism 2.0: Strategies for the 21st Century Enterprise” to be released in May 2013 and/or join our new LinkedIn Group where we are actively discussing the ideas of Capitalism 2.0 in more detail.  We look forward to sharing these ideas with you – click here.

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The Sustainability GOLD STANDARD: The Pathway to Capitalism 2.0

Bob Willard Capitalism 2.0EVENT SUMMARY – The Sustainability GOLD STANDARD: The Pathway to Capitalism 2.0

On February 7, 2013 a group of true sustainability diehards braved the onslaught of Snowmageddon Toronto 2013 to explore ideas of how to define a Gold Standard for business under a vision for Capitalism 2.0.  Led by author and sustainability change agent, Dr. Bob Willard, the TSSS local audience in Toronto and international audience via Livestream, shared inspiring thoughts of what business could look like in a new era of capitalism.

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