Kevin Brady is a founding partner and a director of Five Winds International. In his twenty-year career, he has advised numerous companies, governments and industry associations on the development of sustainability strategies and implementation frameworks. Kevin leads Five Winds’ Strategic Sustainability Services which specializes in helping clients develop a clear understanding of what sustainability means to their organization and of how to improve their environmental and social performance in ways that create value.

Articles by Kevin

3 Challenges for Sustainable Retail

In April 2011, Bloomberg reported on a law suit that was filed in Florida on behalf of the Southeast Consumer Alliance Inc.  against Whole Foods over supposed irregularities with organic frozen vegetables sourced from China. The allegations raise some important issues and concerns about the retail industry’s ability to ensure that environmentally and socially responsible products are what they claim to be.  In this case the claim (which has not been, and may not be, proven) involves a potentially dubious certification scheme, possible use of forced labor and sourcing of “organic” product from what maybe highly contaminated area of China.  When I read about the lawsuit it brought to mind some of the many challenges for both retailers and suppliers in sourcing and providing environmentally and socially responsible products. 

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