Dave Meyer is Founder/Principal of ValueStream Performance Advisors and now works fulltime as Associate Director-Environment, Health & Safety at a major neuroscience focused biotechnology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. His expertise has led to award-winning program recognition, leveraged regulatory compliance risks, optimized organizational effectiveness, and upstream value creation in highly competitive global markets. You can view his blog related to sustainability best practices, green supply chain, public policy, the environment and business competitiveness at valuestream2009.wordpress.com. You can also follow Dave on Twitter @DRMeyer1

Articles by Dave

Scalable Consumption + Supply Chain + Circular Economy = Hope for Sustainable Economies

Consumers have unprecedented opportunity to be active shapers of the products and services they buy and use, rather than passive receivers, taking whatever companies provide. Apples most recent litmus test on corporate social responsibility with its key Chinese supply chain manufacturing partner, Foxconn, and resulting consumer outcry is but just one example of the power that consumers have to sway products manufacturers to alter their business patterns.

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Nature understands sustainable packaging best

The pea pod is possibly the greatest sustainable packaging design nature can provide.  It packs a lot in a small space, efficiently uses the minimum amount of resources…and best of all its compostable…well sort of unless I eat it!

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Sustainability Metrics: How to improve your supply chain performance

“On your mark, get set”…BANG.  As a competitive swimmer in my youth, I learned the rhythm of a good start off the blocks, kept my head down and paced myself through to the finish line.  I never won the “big” race, but always went for my personal best.  It’s that way with sustainability initiatives. Having a good baseline and pushing the limits to improve to the next level.

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A Sustainable Supply Chain: Show me the Money – NOW!

A recent study was brought to my attention by Spend Matters Jason Busch (@spendmatters). The report reminded me of the scene in the movie Jerry McGuire, where the sports agent coaches his client, and he shouts through the phone “Show me the Money!”. Well, despite late 2010 surveys that suggested that companies may pull back sustainability efforts, I suggest that CFOs read this first before pulling the plug.

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A Systems Perspective on Sustainable Supply Chains

As we approach the mid-point in 2011, the tea leaves of the economic recovery have ‘sustainability’ in supply chain planning and management firming up as a key “rebuilding” block in company activities.  Two recent studies from two different continents bear that notion out.  First, consultancy BearingPoint Ireland has released a report which says two-thirds of companies surveyed in Europe believe that a green supply chain is a strategic priority. The report, entitled Green Supply Chain: from awareness to action, is the fourth of a series of “supply chain monitors” from the private consultancy.  The study was conducted among about 600 European decision-makers by Novamétrie between 2010 and 2011, with a position within Supply Chain, Sustainable Development or Industrial Divisions.   Key industries captured includes: consumer goods, transportation, construction, automotive, industrial goods, retail, energy and utilities, chemicals, IT/electronics and pharmaceuticals, among others.

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