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As a recognized expert at ShareGreen by Walmart, Siemens Sustainable Cities, Carbon Economy Summit, Earth Day Canada, Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, and a member on the advisory board of Sustainable Business Forum, I advise businesses on sustainability strategy and execution.

My passion is in helping businesses make a positive impact on the people, planet, and profit. Through industry consortiums, enterprise social media, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, I help businesses connect with their customers and clients, supply chains and business partners, and engage with their employees to form collaborative partnerships to build sustainable, profitable, and socially responsible enterprises.

I share what I learn on my blog,, which is widely read in Canada and around the world, with syndication appearing in Environmental Leader, The Energy Collective, Sustainable Cities, TSSS and many other publications. Praised as “an insightful blog on green issues for business leaders in Canada and beyond” by Debbie Baxter, Chief Sustainability Officer of LoyaltyOne, many of my blog posts reach top rankings on Google News.

Formerly a senior consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, I have a Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering degree and was one of the first greenhouse gas professionals certified by CSA America. Tell me where you want your business want to go – I can help you get there.

Articles by Derek

Canadian CSR Leaders Outperform TSX

CDP2014reportcoverApple, BMW, LG, HP, Coca-Cola, and Walmart are among the 187 companies cited by non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project for doing the most to combat climate change. These green warriors also outperform the Bloomberg World Index. The five Canadian companies that made this elite group are TD Bank, Bombardier, TransCanada, Teck Resources, and CN Railway. I find out how their stock prices compare to the S&P/TSX Index.

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A City Within a Forest: The Evolution of Green Building

Vertical-Forest-by-Stefano-Boeri-Architetti06Visually stunning and environmentally progressive condo buildings and office towers are appearing in Europe and Asia in recent years, including the Bosco Verticale in Milan, Hearst Tower in New York, and Urban Cactus in Rotterdam. Corporations and condo developers take note … whoever construct the first of this type of building in Canada can really make a statement. I talk to Andrew McAllan of Oxford Properties to see when that might happen.

The next generation of consumers increasingly demand sustainable practices. Combining environmental initiatives with stunning design, builders worldwide are thinking outside the box. In Milan, the Bosco Verticale is a vertical forest, housing 400 residential units and 900 trees of three to six meters tall. Architect Stefano Boeri anticipates a 5% increase to construction costs for the additional structure required to support the plants.

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Four Green Team Tactics That Can Be Readily Adapted To Your Organization

team_green_hatSmall green teams tasked with transforming large corporations, governments, cities, and neighborhoods face some tough challenges. TD Bank’s three-person green team employed a range of strategies to inject sustainability thinking into 27,000 employees dispersed in 1,300 locations. I find four of their tactics very smart and can be readily adapted by green teams everywhere.

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Canadian Survey on Sustainability: Good at Cost Reductions but Huge Opportunity for Innovative Thinking


A large scale study by OfficeMax Grand & Toy comparing Canadian companies to their world peers finds Canada leads in capturing cost reduction from sustainability initiatives but lags global leaders in driving profitability through collaboration. Broader collaborations with customers, suppliers, government and policy makers may be a key to unlocking the next phase’s rewards.

As Canadians, most of the industry reports we read focus on the U.S. Other studies cover globally. We may assume the trends and findings also apply to Canada. But do they? For the first time that I am aware of, a large scale study has been conducted that focuses specifically on how Canadian businesses practise sustainability, why they do it, and what their drivers and challenges are.

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IMPACT investing means giving up profits…wrong! A panel of experts discuss


CBC’s Evan Solomon

What is the state of impact investing? The panel of experts from large institutional investors to small foundations at the 2013 Green Living Business Forum share their thoughts on the growth potential, risks and opportunities, and the valuation of social and environmental factors. Six common threads emerged from the discussion chaired by CBC host Evan Solomon.

Impact investing is small but rapidly growing. Currently it accounts for $50 billion globally, according to Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder of B Lab, a non-profit that helps entrepreneurs solve social and environmental problems. While this is a very small part of the capital markets, it is the most rapidly growing segment.

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