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The Talent Transformation: The HR Opportunity in the Era of Sustainability

Talent-Transformation-TripleBottomLineIn many ways, Andrew Savitz’s Talent, Transformation and the Triple Bottom Line (Jossey-Bass, 2013) is a call to action for HR professionals, summed up beautifully in the book’s preface:

The age of sustainability is here. Some companies, industries, and individual business people have done more than others to adapt to it and benefit from it. Now is the time for HR professionals to join the ongoing revolution – and, we hope, to lead their organizations to increasing success in the remarkably challenging, dynamic and exciting new world emerging around us.

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What Makes Your Organization Special: It Starts With A Clear Vision

Jeroen_geelhoedThe past decades have thankfully provided increasing examples of organizations demonstrating that things can be done differently. Look at Whole Foods. Look at what global carpet tile manufacturer Interface has done. They are companies that focus on creating lasting value for all stakeholders.

Creating lasting value entails delivering value for employees, for customers, for shareholders and for society.

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We Need to Make Corporations Work For Us

Bob MonksI have a very simple thing to say. It’s within the framework of our present institutional structure to tame the impact of corporations on our society. Corporations must have involved owners and ownership is both a right and a responsibility.

We’ve heard a lot about the ownership rights in corporate governance but much less about the responsibilities. We know that the greater the involvement by owners in corporate affairs, the greater the value of the enterprise. Corporate managers have spent a fortune in legal fees and time trying to deny that because — let’s face it — if corporate managers wanted to have good corporate governance we’d have good corporate governance.  We don’t have it because chief executives view it as an impediment to their ability to utterly dominate the affairs of the corporation and its function.

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The Future is Choice, Not Destiny: Two New Books Shift The Corporate Mindset on Sustainability

In The Way To Wealth, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Buy what thou hast no need of, and ere long thou shalt sell thy necessaries.” Although written some 250 years before the terms “ecological footprint” and “carrying capacity” came into parlance, his words offer sage advice for a world over-consuming its way to catastrophe – although now one should substitute “use up” for “sell.”

Our necessaries – a liveable climate, clean water, fertile soil, and an array of resources needed to supply the food, shelter and goods we depend on to survive – are being depleted at an alarming (and accelerating) rate, gobbled up by excess and waste.

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