Behaviour Change

Is Our Taste for Beef Destroying Our Chance at A future?

There are few places in today’s world that mankind hasn’t fully explored or understood, with the Amazon rainforest being one of the most important. Whether it’s due to its unique wildlife or its vital importance in balancing the earth’s atmosphere, few places are more vital to our way of life than the Amazon. It’s both a shame and hypocrisy, then, that our very way of life is also the leading cause of its destruction.


Cattle Farming in the Amazon

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Video plea to Canada’s Environmental Minister, Catherine McKenna: A low cost and simple idea to drive culture change

Rob Shirkey - Eco-Visionary

Rob Shirkey – Eco-Visionary

A simple change in awareness might be our best chance to fight climate change.

Rob Shirkey’s makes a video plea to Minister McKenna re: climate change labels on gas pumps while at the historic stakeholder briefings at COP21. Rob is a lawyer and executive director of the environmental non-profit Our Horizon. Their concept is now being passed into law in communities on Canada’s west coast. Our Horizon is building a database of politicians’ emails from around the globe so they can share these examples of Canadian leadership with the world.  Join us!

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Recycling is good BUT behaviour change is what’s really needed.


San Francisco enjoys laudably high recycling and composting rates as part of a campaign to achieve an aggressive zero waste goal. (Image: TreeHugger).

Have you seen the documentary ‘Racing To Zero’ yet? It spotlights San Francisco’s efforts to achieve an aggressive Zero Waste goal of diverting 90% of its municipal waste from landfill by 2020. San Francisco leads the country in this endeavor, and in that regard has much to teach the rest of us. However, the film’s too sunny presentation of the City by the Bay’s recycling efforts to the near exclusion of ‘reducing’ and ‘reusing’ risks sending a message to consumers that could perversely result in more waste generation—and wasteful consumption, not less.

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New Report Offers Advice on Selling Sustainability But Something is Missing.

Why is selling sustainability so difficult?


After all “sustainable products, services and behaviors are the future. They are better for business, consumers and the planet, and increasingly consumers are asking for them.”

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VIDEO: Is it time to apologize to future generations OR to make the necessary changes?

standfortreesorgWhere does the current path of our economic system lead?

Is it time to apologize to future generations OR to make the necessary changes?

To learn more visit Stand For

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