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New Report Offers Advice on Selling Sustainability But Something is Missing.

Why is selling sustainability so difficult?


After all “sustainable products, services and behaviors are the future. They are better for business, consumers and the planet, and increasingly consumers are asking for them.”

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VIDEO: Is it time to apologize to future generations OR to make the necessary changes?

standfortreesorgWhere does the current path of our economic system lead?

Is it time to apologize to future generations OR to make the necessary changes?

To learn more visit Stand For

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Achieving “Zero Waste” requires a re-think about what goes in and what comes out.

Recently I lectured in my hometown about the top 10 ways to take your office to zero waste. Based on feedback from that blog I was invited by Barbara Weigand, of Copper River Salon in Princeton, NJ, to audit her salon and advise her on how to become a zero waste business.

I was pleased to see, as I waked in, that Copper River had already started on the path to Zero Waste. They were recycling everything that they can recycle municipally and were running the Garnier Beauty Brigade for their cosmetic waste, a free way to turn cosmetic and beauty packaging into donations for non-profits!

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Is BIG Oil Following a Strategy that will lead to Extinction? Let’s ask Kodak?

Failing to innovate can not only hurt your business, it can shut you right down – just ask Kodak.

When my Dad was my age, Kodak had 90 per cent of the market share for photography in the U.S. It was a giant in the sector. To suggest that it would fall would be unthinkable yet, not too long ago, it declared bankruptcy. I recently gave a talk to elementary school students who had never even heard of the company. As unimaginable as it might be today, Exxon, Shell, and BP are now destined to face a similar fate.

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The mantra of profit maximization is slowly losing its grip.

While the falsehood that fiduciary duty means solely making money for shareholders is being chipped away, many business leaders still cling on to this behaviour.

hanging precaiously

The world of business appears to be so powerful and robust from the outside but look up close and it is brittle and full of fear.

Anxiety among top executives about losing their lavish bonuses and the status and lifestyle that comes with it, leads to the most perverse behaviour. Ignoring the damaging impacts on both society and the environment keeps things nice and simple in the same way as keeping away from the great unwashed by living behind high walls and security cameras.

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