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What Makes Your Organization Special: It Starts With A Clear Vision

Jeroen_geelhoedThe past decades have thankfully provided increasing examples of organizations demonstrating that things can be done differently. Look at Whole Foods. Look at what global carpet tile manufacturer Interface has done. They are companies that focus on creating lasting value for all stakeholders.

Creating lasting value entails delivering value for employees, for customers, for shareholders and for society.

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At BASF Innovation is part of the DNA

A key element of futureproof brands is innovation.

As someone with a particular interest in building tough, resilient brands of the future, I’m always curious how big companies keep their innovation, well, innovative.  After all, innovation tends to thrive in open, collaborative environments where failure is welcomed and old ideas can be jettisoned. Not what you find in your typical multinational.

So when I was introduced to Volker Schaedler as a preamble to the 2012 Sustainable Brands conference, I sat up. Schaedler is head of innovation and technology for BASF North America. What did the chemistry giant have to say about innovation and sustainability that would warrant a keynote at SB 2012?

Turns out, the chemistry Schaedler wanted to talk about was not of the molecular sort.

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