Jeroen Geelhoed is partner at &samhoud, made up of a ‘usual unusual’ consultancy and a two Michelin star restaurant that brings top quality cuisine to a mass audience. In 2010 &samhoud gained the coveted Number 1 spot in the European Great Place to Work list. Blogs here highlight a few ideas from Jeroen’s new book, Creating Lasting Value, which he co-wrote with Salem Samhoud and Nur Hamurçu.

Articles by Jeroen

What Makes Your Organization Special: It Starts With A Clear Vision

Jeroen_geelhoedThe past decades have thankfully provided increasing examples of organizations demonstrating that things can be done differently. Look at Whole Foods. Look at what global carpet tile manufacturer Interface has done. They are companies that focus on creating lasting value for all stakeholders.

Creating lasting value entails delivering value for employees, for customers, for shareholders and for society.

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