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Congratulations to Canada’s Top 30 under 30 Sustainability Trailblazers

They are entrepreneurs and activists; business professionals and students. Meet the Canadian Top 30 Under 30.


Today’s teenagers and young adults, a demographic cohort referred to as the Millennial Generation, make up roughly 25 per cent of the North American population and an estimated 2.5 billion global citizens. Arguably the largest living generation since the Baby Boomers, the economic and political influence of Millennials is growing as they enter or move through the workforce toward their peak spending years. Right behind them is Generation Z, the impact of which we’re just beginning to see.

[At the next TSSS event on April 1st we will be joined by many of the newly selected TOP 30 UNDER 30 Sustainability Trailblazer and even hear from a couple of them before the main presentation. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet these amazing future leaders – click here to register]

For both, the Internet is an appendage, climate change is a nagging reality, mobility is just the way things are, and the weight of the future is on their shoulders. It’s for this reason the United Nations says youth from around the world must be an active part of all levels of decision-making related to sustainable development. “It affects their lives today and has implications for their futures,” the global agency says.

Pull-QuoteThe Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) and Corporate Knights, with sponsorship support from paper-products manufacturer Kruger Products, decided it was time to shine a light on Canadian youth who have demonstrated themselves as leaders of sustainable development; an impressive collection of young entrepreneurs, activists, corporate professionals and students eager to make our world a better place. We opened nominations in February and received more than 90 candidates, which was whittled down to a list of 50. From this, a panel of five judges each submitted their Top 15 picks, which when combined shortened the list to 30.

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It’s the Little Guys Who Are The Real Change Agents Towards Sustainability


When it comes to protecting the environment or improving workers’ conditions, you might think the biggest companies are making the biggest positive impact.

Multinationals like Apple and McDonald’s are so large that –just by taking a few significant steps towards sustainability– they can change vast swaths of the global marketplace.

But it turns out that the largest corporations aren’t leading on this issue. It’s the small and medium-sized businesses that are out in front on compliance with sustainability, worker safety and other standards.

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Building your CSR Strategy without the baggage – what would you do differently?

Establishing a new sustainability strategy at your company can come with plenty of baggage but what if you had the chance to do it all right…from the beginning.


  • No long term relationships that are inconsistent with your sustainability strategy
  • No long term contracts with non-aligned partners
  • No inertia built into your operations and decision making
  • No culture of fear for trying unproven strategies
  • No track record with reliable supply chain partners
  • No interference from a parent company

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Find purpose for your business and you just might find the path to greater profits.

I got into a friendly debate with a manufacturing business owner about the need for corporate social responsibility (CSR) this past weekend. Our discussion went something like this:

Old School Business Man: “I don’t believe in CSR, the purpose of my business is to maximize profits and treat my employees well. I don’t need to give to charity”.

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Unrequited Love – Corporate CSR Reports and Bay Street Investors (Part II – Bringing government into the relationship)

More questions than answers

There were certainly more questions than answers at the Feb. 5th TSSS event, and the three panelists offered different insights.  When moderator Dr. Feltmate asked whether it might be valuable to develop a way of measuring progress of a company in the sustainability realm over time, with a quantifiable index that presents an annual summary score calculation, McPherson answered that this would be important to the corporation for understanding trending, but might not be of interest to the capital markets. (To read Part I of the event summary please click here)

TSSS Event Feb. 5, 2015 – CSR and the Capital Markets with expert panel; Blair Feltmate (moderator) Julie Desjardins, Ian McPherson and Martin Grosskopf.

TSSS Event Feb. 5, 2015 – CSR and the Capital Markets with expert panel; Blair Feltmate (moderator) Julie Desjardins, Ian McPherson and Martin Grosskopf.

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  • TSSS EVENT: Sport and Sustainability: A Focus on the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games (FREE Livestream)

    Pam AM TorontoJoin TSSS on April 1st as our panel explores the power of sport to reach people and communities like nothing else can. Topics to be discussed include: Community Engagement, Sustainable Purchasing, Importance of a Clear Vision, Diversity and Inclusion, Branding and Leaving a Legacy. Learn more
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