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Sustainable Agriculture Meets Big Business

Sustainability is infiltrating the consciousness of business. The marketing strategy of many iconic brands is changing and thankfully photo-ops with employees dressed in Earth Day T-shirts as they build a garden don’t quite cut it anymore. Rather, sustainability agendas, CSR reports, corporate sponsorships, green initiatives and memberships in a variety of public-private multi-stakeholder initiatives are becoming the norm.

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Who do you trust? Are Sustainability professionals moving away from NGO’s in favour of the raters?

sb10064401w-001Who do you trust to interpret data for your business decisions? If you’re a CEO, it may be the members of your executive team; if you’re a mainstream investor, you may look to Bloomberg or the Dow Jones Index to decipher the data on Wall Street. But what if you’re a sustainability professional?

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Does Money Drive Behaviour: Introducing Sustainability Pay

Show me the moneyWhen I was a director of a financial institution in the 1990s, we struggled in vain to get top executives to pay attention to the Board’s sustainability priorities. To no avail. Then we stumbled upon the idea of rewarding the CEO for long-term sustainability performance. The result? We saw a dramatic improvement in the company’s sustainability performance from then on (financial performance, too!). Once we realized the impact of this simple measure, the board quickly embedded the principle in its compensation philosophy, which, in turn, spread the concept throughout the management ranks.

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Incrementalism is Too Slow. What Does Real Disruption Look Like?

disruptive-thinkingThe CSRwire community recently participated in a Twitter chat in response to this query: “What will disrupt your year?” Leading experts gathered to discuss CSR and sustainability trends in 2014. Over an hour’s time, a range of assumptions and common frames emerged. In spite of the challenge to explore the concept of disruption, please judge for yourself whether most of the responses were disruptive or best described as incremental.

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Will The Trans-Pacific Partnership Create More Wealth Concentration?

© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporation[...the trade agreements could threaten attempts to improve wages and working conditions, pass protective environmental laws, promote renewable energy over fossil fuels or “green chemistry” over toxics and rein in climate change...]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its sibling, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are supposed to be pro-business. They are being heavily pushed by pro-corporate political leaders, like President Obama, and huge multinational corporations like Walmart, Cargill and Chevron, who have been involved in the negotiations.

But not all business is on board. In fact, many in the sustainable business community are adamantly opposed, not only to the trade agreements the US is negotiating with Europe and the Pacific nations, but also to “Fast Track” authority the Congress might pass to strike the deals.

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