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The Future of Capitalism: New Metrics, New Models, New Outcomes

Mark Anielski

Mark Anielsk, author of “The Economics of Happiness”

The Future of Capitalism: New Metrics, New Models, New Outcomes
Has Capitalism lost its way? Can it survive or will it be replaced?  Does your company understand the strategies for the new economy?  Are you ready to compete in an economic system that rewards shared values, well being and inclusive prosperity?  Join us on Tuesday March 4th to hear from one of the world’s leading experts on the emerging metric of well-being…the new bottom line.

Mark Anielski, author of “The Economics of Happiness” and advisor to the Prime Minister of Bhutan, will share with us how progressive companies are getting ahead of the curve and optimizing their most important assets – trust and relational capital.

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DATE: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 (registration closes February 27)
TIME: 4:30-7:30 EST (snacks & networking from 6:30-7:30)
NEW LOCATION: Loyalty One, 438 University Ave., 12th Floor, Toronto (use elevators on the left in the lobby)
TWITTERCHAT: #tssschat from 5:00 – 6:30 PM EST
WEBINAR:  A deeper dive into the issues discussed at the live event – to be held on Thursday March 20, 2014 at 1pm EST (register below)
(Tickets for both the live event and the follow up ‘Deeper Dive’ webinar must be purchased in advance)

During the event we will explore some of the following:

* What’s wrong with Capitalism? Does it have a future?
* What we can learn from Bhutan – the happiest country in the world
* Why the topic of Inclusive Prosperity was such a hot topic at Davos
* How companies like PUMA and Unilever are positioning themselves for the future by expanding their metrics to include well-being
* How progressive companies are optimizing their most important assets: trust and relational capital

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Innovation at BASF: Courage to Dream of a Better World

BASF logoEVENT SUMMARY – the TSSS community gathers to hear the VP of Innovation & Technology from BASF talk about culture and innovation.

“Either there is a sustainable future, or there is no future.”  With these words, Carles Navarro, President of BASF Canada, made it clear to the TSSS audience on June 12, 2013, that his company understands the sustainability imperative.  BASF, ‘The Chemical Company’, produces chemicals used in industries as varied as energy, health, agriculture, transportation, nutrition, packaging, health and electronics. Navarro made it clear that BASF takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.  “We want to be good citizens, to do the right thing.”

Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

After introductory statements by Navarro, Dr. Volker Schaedler, BASF VP Innovation and Technology, addressed the crowd gathered at the Toronto offices of Bennett Jones LLP.  Dr. Schaedler made it clear that this would not be a typical discussion of corporate sustainability. “I’m not going to talk about carbon trading, waste handling or water treatment. I’m an innovation person.  That’s what I’m going to talk about.”  He proceeded to enthral those gathered in the room, and many others listening worldwide via webcast, with the BASF story: who they are, why they embrace sustainability, and how they have created a culture of innovation.

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The Sustainability GOLD STANDARD: The Pathway to Capitalism 2.0

Bob Willard Capitalism 2.0EVENT SUMMARY – The Sustainability GOLD STANDARD: The Pathway to Capitalism 2.0

On February 7, 2013 a group of true sustainability diehards braved the onslaught of Snowmageddon Toronto 2013 to explore ideas of how to define a Gold Standard for business under a vision for Capitalism 2.0.  Led by author and sustainability change agent, Dr. Bob Willard, the TSSS local audience in Toronto and international audience via Livestream, shared inspiring thoughts of what business could look like in a new era of capitalism.

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Cities in the Era of Climate Change: The Challenges and Opportunities that Lie Ahead

Cities in the Era of Climate Change: Fireside Chat with David Miller and Guelph Mayor, Karen Farbridge
Have you ever wondered what it will be like to conduct business during the era of climate change?  What are the risks and opportunities for business? How can cities best plan for what’s coming and use climate change as a tool for economic growth?  Are there lessons to be learned from Hurricane Sandy?

DATE: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 (The event is now SOLD OUT – Please join the WAITLIST or sign up for the FREE WEBCAST)
TIME: 4:30-7:30 EST (snacks & networking from 6:30-7:30)
LOCATION: Bennett Jones, 1st Canadian Place, 100 King St. W., 34th Floor, Toronto
FREE LIVE WEBCAST & twitterchat #tssschat from 5:00 – 6:30 PM EST
(Tickets for both the live event and the webcast must be purchased in advance)

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Distinguished Guests:

David Miller

David Miller
Former Mayor of Toronto


Karen Farbridge
Mayor of Guelph






Join us on March 27th as the former Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, and the current Mayor of Guelph, Karen Farbridge, explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for cities in the era of climate change.

During this interactive discussion a variety of questions will be explored including:

  • Why is climate change a serious issue for every city in the world?
  • How will climate change affect your business?  What risks are you taking by not proactively addressing climate change in your corporate strategy?
  • How does climate change create opportunities for high paying jobs and economic growth?
  • How can we better prepare ourselves by learning from climate tragedies like Hurricane Sandy?
  • What are leading cities around the world doing to prepare their people, policies and infrastructure for the climate change era?


Dr. Blair Feltmate

Dr. Blair Feltmate

Moderator – Dr. Blair Feltmate

Dr. Feltmate is Associate Professor, and Director of Sustainability Practice, in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED), Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo.  Positions he holds include: Chair, Climate Change Adaptation Project – Canada; Chair, Pollution Probe; Co-Chair, WeatherWise, City of Toronto…(See full bio below)


Lead Media Partner
Aman Singh (Editorial Director, CSRwire) will be our twitter chat facilitator


Capitalism 2.0 Strategic Advisor
Michael Townsend (Founder and CEO Earthshine Solutions) will co-host our twitterchat from London, UK

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VIDEO: Bob Willard shares how the sustainability GOLD STANDARD will pave the way towards Capitalism 2.0

Bob Willard shares the vital role that the sustainability GOLD STANDARD will play in charting a path towards capitalism 2.0.  Bob breaks it down into three parts:

1) Clear definition and destination
2) Broaden the metrics to include social, human and natural capital
3) Adoption of ESG by the investing community

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