Chris is the Enterprise Waste & Recycling Manager at SuperValu, where he crafts and implements Zero Waste solutions with the goal of minimizing landfill waste and optimizing the related financials. He also assists in the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program at the Harvard Extension School, and blogs about actionable sustainability.

Chris recently completed a Master’s in Environmental Management through the Harvard Extension School, which complements the MBA he earned at Washington University in St. Louis. He and his wife Eileen are raising two rambunctious boys in Boise, Idaho, where he enjoys his daily bicycle commute to work. If you’re looking for assistance in making your business more sustainable, he’s here to help. Chris welcomes you to ask him questions via Twitter: @costrike

Articles by Chris

A Rethink for Corporate Sustainability: A Sustainability Ombudsperson?

Business is not doing enough to address environmental problems. It’s time to rethink how we can be most effective – perhaps we need a strategy that enables our CSR leaders to act as direct conduits between the firm and external interests.


My first big CSR/sustainability event was the 2010 Net Impact Conference held at the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School. I had been invited there to speak on a panel on the topic of intrapreneurship, which gave me the opportunity to sit in on a number inspiring and insightful talks. One of the sessions I attended was an interview with Aron Cramer, the CEO of BSR. As I recall, much of that hopeful, engaging discussion centered on transparency – a topic that’s close to my heart.

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