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What if a company’s ability to profit was tied to its ability to create well-being? (CAP2 Webinar now available)

Capitalism drives companies to increase profits: No issues there, but let’s tweak the rules to ensure more well-being



Last week TSSS and CSRwire launched a New Webinar Series, “Capitalism 2.0: A Deeper Dive”, designed to explore the future of Capitalism. Judging by the huge turnout, it would appear that people are hungry for a conversation about meaningful change towards a sustainable economy.

Click here to listen to the webinar recording

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Capitalism 2.0: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

These words from the US Declaration of Independence also form part of our collective consciousness here in Canada.  We live in a free and democratic society, where we value our rights and freedoms as guaranteed under our Constitution.  The right to pursue happiness and the freedom to experience it – who among us would not want this for ourselves and those we love.  But what does happiness have to do with Capitalism 2.0?


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Does Happiness come from buying more stuff? A New Economic Paradigm is Emerging.

10-2459-HOARDING-503Open Happiness. Remember that ad? Coke would have you believe that all you need to do to feel happy is buy their product. Now Apple and Google are seeking a patent to use happiness data to sell you more stuff. They want to monitor your heart rate, the pressure applied to your screen, your facial expressions and your consumption patterns. Feeling down? Buy something to feel better. Feeling good? Buy something to hold on to that feeling.

What’s wrong with this scenario? It does not work.

Join TSSS and CSRwire for a new Webinar Series that will explore the world that follows Capitalism. Some are calling it Capitalism 2.0 and others are calling for an entirely new sustainable economy.   Either way the time has come for a change – join us for a dynamic conversation with leading experts and changemakers.  Our first webinar is March 20 – click here to register.

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Measuring Blind Growth (GDP) is a Flawed Approach: A Sustainable Economy will Measure Wellbeing

David-SuzukiGovernments, media and much of the public are preoccupied with the economy. That means demands such as those for recognition of First Nations treaty rights and environmental protection are often seen as impediments to the goal of maintaining economic growth. The gross domestic product has become a sacred indicator of well-being. Ask corporate CEOs and politicians how they did last year and they’ll refer to the rise or fall of the GDP.

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It’s time for a unifying metric that measures well-being and inclusive prosperity

Why does sustainability reporting have to be so complicated? It often feels like we’re striving for half measures or incremental improvements.  Surely we can do better.

Upward spiral

What if there was a unifying metric that allowed companies to measure their influence on well-being throughout their value chain? And only if and when companies performed to a high well-being standard would the rewards, financial and otherwise, follow.

[Join TSSS and CSRwire on March 20th 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST for a new WEBINAR SERIES, Capitalism 2.0: A Deeper Dive.  We will be joined by the author of “The Economics of Happiness”, Mark Anielsk, who will share his views on the Future of Capitalism and how well-being is emerging as the new bottom line for business.  Listen to a recording of the webinar by Clicking Here]

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