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Can the “Shared Value” promise resonate with the ‘square people’?

Porter at SV SummitEarlier this month Thomas Friedman wrote on the New York Times about two very different groups trying to shape the economic environment worldwide.

The first was Davos men–the “transnational, cosmopolitan elite drawn from high-tech, finance, multinationals, academics and NGOs,” who regularly attend the Davos World Economic Forum.

The second group was the “square people”–according to Friedman, it includes mostly young people, who are aspiring to a higher standard of living and more liberty, seeking either reform or revolution in their country (depending on their existing government) and “demanding a new social contract.”

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Business Succeeds When Economic Success Aligns with Social Outcomes: Michael Porter

Michael Porter, co-founder of the Shared Value Initiative (with Mark Kramer) launches the Shared Value Summit in NYC last week. Michael explains with great eloquence why he’s never been more excited about the Shared Value movement and the opportunities for business to increase profitability while solving social problems.  “It’s not about tradeoffs between economic success and social outcomes.”

[Upcoming Event on Shared Value in Toronto (and via Livestream) - Please join us as the Executive Director of the Shared Value Initiative, Justin Bakule joins TSSS on May 28th. Ticket sales end soon.  Click here for more details]

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Employee Engagement on Steroids: What is Brand Love and How does Coca-Cola Develop it?

cokeLast week I was lucky enough to attend the Shared Value Summit in NYC. The two day event was outstanding! Company after company shared how they were increasing brand loyalty, expanding markets and finding new efficiencies by engaging in “Shared Value”. Listen as Brian Smith of Coca-Cola’s Latin American Group explains how they tapped into an emerging youth challenge in Brazil and built “Brand Love” at the same time.  (Brian starts his talk at 4:40)

[Upcoming Event on Shared Value in Toronto (and via Livestream) - Please join us as the Executive Director of the Shared Value Initiative, Justin Bakule joins TSSS on May 28th. Ticket sales end soon.  Click here for more details]


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Increased Revenue through Community Engagement: The “Shared Value” Advantage

The Business Opportunities From Solving Social Problems

shared value initiative

At this TSSS event you will learn how you can leverage Shared Value right along your value chain while simultaneously making your company more profitable.  You will discover how you can achieve a competitive advantage while experiencing the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to solve a social problem. This is the promise of Shared Value and this TSSS event will give you the tools and insight you need to bring it to your company.

Tim Hortons

It might sound too good to be true but this concept has been proven repeatedly in the three years since Michael Porter coined the phrase “Shared Value” in the Harvard Business Review. So how do you ensure that your company is ready to engage in this conversation and seize this opportunity? When and how will the benefits materialize? How do you quantify the ROI? Where do you look for partners? How do you get started?  These are the questions that will be answered through specific case studies and explanations of proven business strategies at our TSSS event on May 28th.

DATE: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 (registration closes May 23rd)
TIME: 4:30-7:30 EST (snacks & networking from 6:35-7:30)
NEW LOCATION: Ryerson University, Podium Building, 380 Victoria Street, The Commons Room 250 (map)
FREE LIVE WEBCAST & twitterchat #tssschat from 5:00 – 6:00 PM EST
(Tickets for both the live event and the webcast must be purchased in advance)

Register Now

Distinguished Guests:

Tim Faveri

Tim Faveri

Justin Bakule

Justin Bakule

Justin Bakule
Executive Director
Shared Value Initiative

Tim Faveri

Dir., Sustainability & Responsibility
Tim Hortons

Join us on May 28th as two sustainability champions, Justin Bakule and Tim Faveri, clearly show how exploring “Shared Value” can unlock new revenue streams for your company.

air-miles-social-change[JUST ANNOUNCED - Angela Simo Brown, Co-Founder and GM of the Air Miles for Social Change Program at Loyalty One will be joining our Panel.]

Tim will discuss the exciting work that has taken place at Tim Hortons through its Coffee Partnership Program. Justin will share stories from Mars Inc. (improving cocoa production in West Africa), Arauco (leading Chilean forestry company), Novartis (working in rural India), Nestle, Ben and Jerry’s, Kirin (Japanese beverage company near Fukushima where the Tsunami caused devastation) and Mercy Corps (international NGO). And now Angela will discuss the wild success of the Air Miles program and its ability to get people physically active.

During the event we will explore some of the following:

  • How you can use social issues as a strategic lens to address business opportunities
  • How to use your corporate culture to find “shared value” opportunities
  • Why the values of your senior leaders are essential to your success
  • How Tim Hortons has delivered social benefits to its coffee suppliers in Central and South America
  • How Mars Inc. has driven positive change within its cocoa supply chain
  • How Novartis has found new revenue streams by bringing improved health to rural Indian communities
  • How to measure your Shared Value Initiative ROI

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Collaboration is the Key to Addressing Canada’s Complex Social Issues

Canadian-Flag-33Canada is emerging as a world leader in creating shared value and cross-sector collaboration, but we need to be less risk averse and be nimble with opportunities if we want to make real headway in the long term. This was the key takeaway from LoyaltyOne’s Shared Value event where over 75 invited guests from business, government, not-for-profit groups and academia passionately discussed the merits of the shared value concept.

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