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How much does the earth pay to keep you in business?

An environmental profit & loss (EP&L) statement is a new tool used for measuring the environmental impact of doing business in all its forms. But like a lot of calculations that seem abstract at first, these numbers are very concrete in how they play out in the real world.


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Novo Nordisk leads again: Has the annual sustainability report become obsolete?

novo-nordiskAs stakeholders, we have been conditioned to expect corporate transparency to come in annual packages – annual reports, sustainability reports, and even a slow trickle of integrated reports that are now starting to gain traction.

There seems to be something magical about that 12-month timeframe which appears to satisfy our thirst for sustainability information. Or does it?

By the time we read sustainability reports, all the news is old, sometimes very old. The data is history and the stories are of a time long gone. If we’re lucky, a sustainability report contains commitments for the future, which remain relevant after publication, but practically everything else has passed its sell-by date. One the one hand, we want sustainability reporting to be a basis for dialogue and engagement. On the other hand, why engage around something that’s history and not here-and-now?

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