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WBCSD’s Urban Infrastructure Initiative: Strategic Collaboration Between Cities and Business


New models developed to help urban planners engage business on sustainability.

Addressing the complex problems of the 21st century requires a new solutions toolbox. Innovation will be absolutely essential and business will lead the way – not just in technology, but also in building new models of collaboration that harness leadership and collective problem-solving to drive effective action.

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No space – no problem. Cities and cyclists can both get excited by this innovative solution

An incredible innovative solution that ensures that cyclists will always find a secure parking spot while also helping cities remove clutter from their streets. “The amazing underground parking system of Japan”. Enjoy!

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Twitterchat summary – Cities in the Era of Climate Change: The Challenges and Opportunities that Lie Ahead

David MillerfarbridgePlease enjoy the twitterchat summary from our event  on March 27, 2013.

What keeps you up at night when thinking about cities and climate change? David Miller and Mayor of Guelph Karen Farbridge sat down for an inspiring discussion about the wealth of opportunity available to cities to engage citizens and business in concrete, swift action.

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Climate Change and Insurance: A Looming Threat to the Economy

cabsWhile some of us may still be debating the causes of climate change, the insurance industry has been left to deal with its disturbing consequences. Climate change is estimated to cost the world economy over $1.2 trillion per year. The number of weather-related loss events in North America alone has nearly quintupled in the past three decades, which begs a very important question: how are we going to ensure that private and public assets remain insurable in the face of increasing climate volatility and extreme weather events?  Join TSSS for a webcast and twitterchat on the topic of Cities and Climate Change with former Toronto Mayor, David Miller and Guelph Mayor, Karen farbridge (March 27th at 5PM EST) – register here.

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Look to the Cities for Climate Change Leadership

Matyas LukacsThis article explores the reasons why Canada and the United States have failed to implement meaningful climate policies at the federal level. It then discusses the critical role that municipalities can play in picking up the slack, along with some of the challenges and opportunities that lie in their way.  These ideas will be dicussed in greater detail at the upcoming TSSS event on Cities and Climate Change” - see below.

Why North America Has Failed to Act on Climate at the Federal Level

Environment Minister Peter Kent recently announced that Canada will stay in line with the United States on the issue of climate change. The justification for this is all too familiar: we cannot afford to have fundamentally different climate policies because our economies are so intertwined – straying too far would result in financial repercussions and never-ending legal and diplomatic disputes. At least for the foreseeable future, it is unlikely that Canada will jump the gun on climate policy.1

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