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Since 2008, Karen Clarke-Whistler has been the Chief Environment Officer of TD Bank Group (TD). In this role, Karen is responsible for developing TD’s environmental strategy, which has enabled it to differentiate itself by embedding an environmental perspective throughout the bank’s business operations. This approach has been key to TD’s rise to the top of the league tables for performance in the North American banking sector.

In recognizing that environmental quality is a fundamental driver of economic success, Karen is
able to provide a unique perspective to the business world – that is driven by opportunity over

Under Karen’s leadership TD became the first North American-based bank to be carbon neutral.
Learnings from this program were leveraged to implement initiatives aimed at reducing energy
use in TD’s facilities and business operations, financing products and investments.

Karen’s open door policy with environmental groups has promoted dialogue on and solutions to
many challenging issues – and offers a refreshing change to traditional and more confrontational

Karen is an environmental scientist who is widely recognized as a thought leader in
environmental business matters. Prior to joining TD, she spent more than 15 years working as an
environmental consultant to a diverse base of clients in North and South America, Europe and

Karen’s was recognized as one of the 2012 Clean50 (50 individuals honoured for their
outstanding contribution to clean capitalism), and one of the 2014 Clean16 (national leader in
their sector). She advises or serves on the Boards of Directors of a number of groups, including,
the Boreal Leadership Council, Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, Sustainability CoLab,
and Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

Karen holds a master’s degree in land resource science from Canada’s University of Guelph and
a bachelor’s degree in ecology from the University of Toronto. Karen lives in Toronto.

Articles by Karen

7 Billion Reasons for Preserving and Growing Toronto’s Trees (full report)

tdbank1TD Bank showcases it’s leadership by releasing a unique report valuing Toronto’s Urban Forest at 7 Billion.

This spring TD Economics released a special report on the economic value of the environmental and social benefits provided by Toronto’s 10 million trees.  The report drew a surprising amount of interest, and not just among those working in the urban forestry and environment sector but from the public at large, which tells us there’s a thirst for information that defines the economic value of the benefits provided by the natural environment. And it’s easy to see why – it makes the business case for preserving and growing our forests and other “natural capital.”

I’m often asked why TD Economics would pursue what is a somewhat unconventional area of study for a big bank. The answer is fairly simple. There’s a strong link between the environment and the economy. TD has made a commitment to be an environmental leader, and part of that means providing thought leadership that can help drive the important conversations we need to have about the environment.

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