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Kruger Products leads by bringing everyone along on its sustainability journey

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In this short video you can see how Kruger Products works to drive sustainable change not only in its own company but across the entire consumer packaged goods industry. True leadership occurs when a company strives to do more than is expected. Kruger understands that it can’t be done alone.

You can learn more about Kruger Products and its Leaders in Sustainable Thinking Initiative by visiting them in the TSSS Innovation HUB.

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Business “As Usual” No More: The Rules are Changing Whether We Like it or Not

Elisabeth Comere of Tetra Pak outlines a 3-Prong Approach for Pushing Climate Change Agendas Across Supply Chains.

cost of inaction

Climate Change Leads to Rising Costs & Investment Risks

Economists predict that the Canadian economy will lose billions to climate change by 2050 if infrastructure is not upgraded to withstand harsh natural disasters; which have doubled over the past 30 years. This could cost Canadians $5 billion per year in 2020, and $21-$43 billion by 2050, says the TD Special Report on Climate Change. In the United States, the Risky Business Report predicts climate change will cost the U.S. economy $35 billion annually and trillions of dollars by the end of the century if left unabated.

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Keep the spotlight on the the true hero – 3 tips for telling your sustainability story.


It’s tempting enough for brands to want to talk about themselves – even truer when they are doing something good.

In today’s radically transparent social business marketplace, the reputation of a company extends way beyond its marketing to include its supply chain, manufacturing processes, employee treatment and customer engagement.

Likewise, full circle sustainability requires that companies overhaul how they source their ingredients, manufacture and distribute their products, and manage the waste they generate. Both of these realities place higher demands on time-poor executives and entrepreneurs, yet too many fail to recoup the costs of such efforts because they don’t share their sustainability story effectively.

In fact, almost all companies are guilty of three key mistakes that mean these investments of time, money and energy never build their brand or bottom line.

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Sustainability from the CEO’s Office: Intel’s Leadership in Removing Conflict Minerals from the Supply Chain

congo-conflict-mineralsThe CES Gets More than Tech Talk

The Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas’ biggest trade show of the year. It’s the place where crowds go to swoon over the latest gadgets and tech toys and scope out what’s new and hot in TVs, watches and phones. It’s a far cry from the killing fields of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where warlords and rebel groups have killed, maimed, raped and kidnapped millions of people.

But Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wants everyone to know that those killing fields are actually no further than that shiny new gadget they may be holding in their hands. He’s been the motivating force behind Intel’s commitment to cleanse its supply chain of conflict minerals – the tungsten, tantalum, gold and tin that are mined and sold by armed groups in the DRC to finance their murderous operations. Since 1994, more than five million people have died in civil conflicts in the DRC.

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Nintendo: A Missed Opportunity to be Innovative in the Elimination of Conflict Minerals


Mario Tells Nintendo that ‘Slavery is not a Game’

Nintendo is the poster child of disruptive innovation. Disruption experts like Anthony Scott like to use the Wii as an example of new market disruption, explaining how “instead of focusing on sharper graphics, crisper sound, or more complicated interfaces, Nintendo is expanding the market by making video games simpler and more accessible.” Hell, there’s even a Harvard business case study entitled “Nintendo’s Disruptive Strategy: Implications for the Video Game Industry.”

Why am I bringing this up? Because when it comes to conflict minerals, Nintendo is no innovator, and actually seems to be lagging behind most other electronic companies. That’s why the company was targeted by the anti-slavery group Walk Free in a campaign asking Nintendo to ensure its suppliers source minerals responsibly.

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