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The Disconnect Continues with Sustainability and Investing

[In a recent post Derek Wong of Carbon49 illustrated how sustainability leaders outperform the market (Canadian CSR Leaders Outperform TSX) yet a glaring disconnect continues when it comes to assessing a companies risks and opportunities as it relates to it’s CSR strategy.  Why is it so hard for the investment community to put meaningful metrics behind CSR?]

Bradley Silverman

Companies are struggling to effectively communicate with investors on sustainability, according to the UN Global Compact – Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability in collaboration with the Principles for Responsible Investment.

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Business “As Usual” No More: The Rules are Changing Whether We Like it or Not

Elisabeth Comere of Tetra Pak outlines a 3-Prong Approach for Pushing Climate Change Agendas Across Supply Chains.

cost of inaction

Climate Change Leads to Rising Costs & Investment Risks

Economists predict that the Canadian economy will lose billions to climate change by 2050 if infrastructure is not upgraded to withstand harsh natural disasters; which have doubled over the past 30 years. This could cost Canadians $5 billion per year in 2020, and $21-$43 billion by 2050, says the TD Special Report on Climate Change. In the United States, the Risky Business Report predicts climate change will cost the U.S. economy $35 billion annually and trillions of dollars by the end of the century if left unabated.

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What’s the disease of the 21st Century Corporation? Nelson Switzer of PwC talks strategically about CSR.

Nelson Switzer, Director & Leader, Sustainable Business Solution at PwC Canada shares his ideas about how to think strategically about CSR:

During the video Neslon explores some of the following ideas:

  • How to change one’s thinking about sustainability as a philosophy towards a management system.
  • What’s the disease of the 21st century corporation?
  • What is the most important boardroom table?

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Your Reputation is at Risk: Why SEC Compliance Should Be the Least of Your Worries

Nintendo-conflict-mineralsIf your social media circle hasn’t favored you with a less than glamorous photo of your face pasted atop some ridiculous character and posted online using the faceinhole app or website, count yourself lucky. Maybe it’s the crowd I hang around with, but trust me, some people find this hilarious, and it never seems to get old.

Businesses that are addressing conflict minerals issues don’t have to worry that they will look silly on Facebook with their corporate logos superimposed on the body of an elf or cartoon figure, but the analogy isn’t as far off as it may sound.

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Canada’s Oilsands Links Emissions to Negative Health Impacts. Canada needs an Open and Honest Discussion.

A report by Alberta’s energy regulator links emissions from oil sands production with serious health impacts in the Peace River region that have forced families to flee their homes.  Canada desperately needs to have an open and honest discussion on the oil sands issue – attack and defend is no way to deal with this highly complicated and polarizing issue.


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