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Carbon Neutral Wines – it’s more than just Green Marketing

Santa Margherita Pinot GrigioWhen you see a product that says carbon neutral, what does it mean?

I recently enjoyed a bottle of Italy’s number one selling wine in Canada, Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio. Each bottle has a green label that says “Carbon neutral from ground to store. Measured and offset with Carbonzero”. It is produced in Italy, imported into Canada by Lifford Wine, and certified by Carbonzero as carbon neutral. I investigate its Italian supply chain and production, shipping to Canada, and sales and consumption in Canada to learn what it means to be carbon neutral.

Carbon neutrality, or having a net zero carbon footprint, refers to balancing carbon released with an equivalent amount of offset. Claiming carbon neutrality generally involves three steps: measure, reduce, offset.

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Mr. Muscle is pushing the envelope on lean manufacturing. But is SC Johnson really a sustainable business?

Tom Idle takes a tour of SC Johnson’s Amsterdam Plant.  The plant has been zero-landfill for more than a decade, and recycled almost 800 tons of its waste in 2013. SC Johnson is clearly very proud of it.

sc joihnson

Pronto, one of many SC Johnson products coming off the production line at Europlant in Amsterdam.

Recently, SC Johnson announced that its plant in Manaus, Brazil had become its eighth zero-landfill facility, putting it well on track towards meeting a 2016 target of cutting manufacturing waste from its facilities across the world by 70%.

Its other zero-landfill facilities – defined as being achieved without incineration – include two in China and one each in Pakistan, the Netherlands, the US, Poland and Canada. In 2012, ten of the company’s 20 sites achieved waste diversion rates of at least 90%.

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Four Green Team Tactics That Can Be Readily Adapted To Your Organization

team_green_hatSmall green teams tasked with transforming large corporations, governments, cities, and neighborhoods face some tough challenges. TD Bank’s three-person green team employed a range of strategies to inject sustainability thinking into 27,000 employees dispersed in 1,300 locations. I find four of their tactics very smart and can be readily adapted by green teams everywhere.

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The Boomerang Box: Sustainability Inspired Customer Loyalty

Grand and ToyEach day offices across Canada and the world receive thousands of shipments in cardboard boxes. Once unpacked they go straight to recycling depots or landfills. Office supplies chain Grand and Toy and its US parent OfficeMax launch their reusable Boomerang Box to help their customers go green and reposition themselves from a commodity supplier to a business partner. We take a look behind the scenes to see how they use sustainability as a business strategy.

What is this new cardboard box? Instead of using regular one-time-use cardboard boxes to deliver office supplies to their customers, Grand and Toy custom designed a reusable box they called the Boomerang Box. Once a shipment is delivered, customers save the empty Boomerang Boxes until they are picked up by Grand and Toy’s delivery staff at the next shipment.

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CASE STUDY: At Life Technologies Quantifiable Benefits Support a Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Life TechnologiesLife Technologies – Dedicated to Accelerating a Sustainable Future.

Life Technologies is a company working on new frontiers in biotechnology, pursuing solutions that will ultimately lead to a more sustainable world. Their products are used to address fundamental challenges, like how we will feed and power the world.

Their story is striking on a number of levels. Through its Global Citizenship approach, the company has generated an impressive commitment to integrating sustainability principles, not only as a part of the company’s stewardship of community, people, science and ethics, but also as a compelling business strategy, with a strong focus on quantifiable benefits.

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