A Gamification and Innovation Success Story: Portugal Telecom

Embracing Innovation

Portugal Telelcom

Portugal Telelcom has 11,000 employees, 100 million customers and had 6.6 billion Euros in revenues in 2012.  PT provides telecommunications and multimedia services in Portugal and in developing markets such as Brazil, Angola, East Timor, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Namibia.

The worldwide economic crisis of recent years has led to tremendous volatility in many sectors and telecommunications is no exception. Portugal Telecom’s leadership team has actively embraced a strategy of innovation to thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment.

But what does it mean when an international telecom company with over 100 million customers and 6.6 billion Euros in annual revenues actively embraces innovation? For Portugal Telecom (PT), it means declaring every employee to be a part of their ‘innovation team’; it means embracing new lines of communication; it means defining a structured approach to innovation; it means leveraging academic and private partnerships. Perhaps most importantly, it means an active and engaged workforce that is constantly dreaming, defining and implementing innovative ideas.

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The Pathway to Corporate Success: Sustainability, Innovation and Gamification


To survive and prosper in a rapidly shifting business landscape, companies must constantly evolve. One example of this evolution is seen when forward thinking leaders incorporate sustainability into their business strategy. A successful sustainability strategy depends upon embracing a fundamental shift in an organization’s way of doing business, an eagerness to find new ways of identifying challenges and seizing opportunities. Effective leaders recognize that their organizations will thrive through creativity and innovation. But it’s one thing to decide to be innovative; it’s another entirely to make innovation an integral part of your corporate culture.

Learn more about Waabii by visiting their Homebase Page in the TSSS Innovation HUB

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Gamification and corporate travel: Turn saving money into a game and everyone wins

Up in the Air, starring George Clooney

I hate George Clooney.

For a solid twelve months after “Up In The Air” was released, every Power Point deck at every trade show conference in the travel industry felt that it was their moral obligation to tie their presentation to a video clip from that movie.

Yes, George was on an endless quest for loyalty points.  Yes, George considered corporate travel a game in which he navigated deftly to the paths of least resistance and most accumulation.  Yes, it was a cute movie, but why couldn’t Zombieland have a corporate travel spin instead?  At least then the embedded clips would show travelers on a kick-ass quest for a Twinkie instead of points and miles.

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Want People Seriously Engaged in Sustainability? Make It a Game

Can games really make the world a better place?  Is it possible to “play” our way to a more sustainable future?

Games are definitely part of the solution.

At Cool Choices we take games very seriously. We’ve seen how games can make sustainability fun, popular and easy.

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