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Waabii turns corporate innovation into a game. Engage the collective wisdom of your stakeholders by turning the excitement of the stock market into an innovation windfall for your organization. Waabii is an integrated innovation software and consulting services provider in North America. We help businesses create better products, services and processes. We empower companies and organizations to improve their business and product innovation processes through novel insights and approaches. We help companies increase collaboration, engage their employees in idea generation and convert great ideas into value.

What We Do

Waabii helps businesses manage their innovation infrastructure and practices to create better products, processes, services, technologies and ideas using proven business solutions as well as new insights and novel approaches.

We assist companies to:

  • Clarify and align corporate innovation strategy throughout the entire organization
  • Engage their employees and other stakeholders in idea generation
  • Increase collaboration on improving and objectively evaluating ideas
  • Convert great ideas into winning innovations
  • Monetize their investments in business innovation

Ultimately, we provide leading edge innovation solutions to companies in North America, moving people and organizations to new levels of business value creation.

Why We Exist

The business need for innovation management is greater than ever.

Innovation is one of the most critical components for the long-term success of companies. The world is more interconnected than ever, which has led to an abundance of new business opportunities. But the playing field of business is changing with shorter product life cycles, a multitude of business models and increasingly agile competitors from new parts of the world. Companies have to significantly improve how fast and how successfully they innovate.

This requires a new mindset, which at a minimum includes:

  • The audacity to question the perceived wisdom and current ways of doing business, often defined by the pre-existing history of the company.
  • A fully collaborative approach to innovation, which embraces principles of co-creation, collaboration, diversity of opinions, education, geography and cultural background.
  • A strong innovation culture and critically, the right processes to support it.

Waabii is the catalyst for this transformational change.

Articles on Waabii

Portugal Telelcom

A Gamification and Innovation Success Story: Portugal Telecom

Published: JUN 12, 2013

An idea market is an online platform that applies the principles of gamification (i.e. the process of taking the concepts used to design games to be engaging and applying them in non-game environments) to idea generation and innovation management.

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The Pathway to Corporate Success: Sustainability, Innovation and Gamification

Published: MAY 02, 2013

Effective leaders recognize that their organizations will thrive through creativity and innovation. But it’s one thing to decide to be innovative; it’s another entirely to make innovation an integral part of your corporate culture.

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15 Allstate Parkway, 6th Floor
Markham, ON, L3R 5B4

Visit our website at

Idea Management Tools

Waabii has a wide range of idea management tools covering all the processes our clients need for successful and cost-effective decision-making.

We are the exclusive partner in North America for a unique and proven suite of products from our European partner Exago.


Our professionals will ensure that you get the most out of our idea management tools, along with the results you are looking for, from advising on initial deployment through to process support and evaluation.

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