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Achieving “Zero Waste” requires a re-think about what goes in and what comes out.

Recently I lectured in my hometown about the top 10 ways to take your office to zero waste. Based on feedback from that blog I was invited by Barbara Weigand, of Copper River Salon in Princeton, NJ, to audit her salon and advise her on how to become a zero waste business.

I was pleased to see, as I waked in, that Copper River had already started on the path to Zero Waste. They were recycling everything that they can recycle municipally and were running the Garnier Beauty Brigade for their cosmetic waste, a free way to turn cosmetic and beauty packaging into donations for non-profits!

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“You won’t succeed without me”. What nature would say to business if it had a voice.

Businesses are beginning to ask government to lower business risk by better protecting the environment.

NatureNo Nature, No Business is the underlying assumption that must guide all financial regulations and international climate treaty negotiations. I can imagine buy-in actually coming from a majority of both the world’s businesses and governments as a new level playing field is built.

I would never have imagined that my faith in corporations telling the truth would supersede my faith in governments telling the truth. But there is a change in the weather.

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Earthwards: Sustainability in Action at Johnson & Johnson (Part 1)

AmanSingh_CSRJournalistSustainability is no longer a fleeting trend. It is becoming a standard practice of companies both large and small, across multiple industries here in the United States and around the world. The health care sector is no different. While the safety and efficacy of health and personal care products will always be paramount, people today are increasingly interested in the sustainability of the products they purchase.

This series is about EARTHWARDS®, a Johnson & Johnson program designed to promote greener product development throughout the enterprise. You will hear from employees at Johnson & Johnson and its Family of Companies, including some of the sustainability advocates who helped build and evolve the program over the years; brand managers and R&D leaders who collaborate to design greener products; and external corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts who will provide their own unique perspectives on sustainable product development at Johnson & Johnson, including independent reporting by CSRwire’s Editorial Director Aman Singh.

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Business Radars: It’s Time For Market Revolutions

Business people talk of issues being on or off the corporate radar screen, but it’s amazing how often CEOs and other leaders miss important signals in the midst of all the background noise.

Part of the explanation is that their radar screens, or market intelligence systems, are so swamped with detail that it is almost impossible to detect weak signals before they go exponential and seriously impact the business.

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