Tom Szaky is founder and CEO of TerraCycle Inc., a leader in eco-capitalism and upcycling. In 2001, Tom left Princeton University as a freshman to launch a worm-poop-based fertilizer company. In 2007, the company expanded to start collecting difficult-to-recycle consumer packaging. Today the company collects more than 50 different waste streams in 20 countries. Born in Budapest, Hungary, his family emigrated to Holland and then to Toronto.

Articles by Tom

Achieving “Zero Waste” requires a re-think about what goes in and what comes out.

Recently I lectured in my hometown about the top 10 ways to take your office to zero waste. Based on feedback from that blog I was invited by Barbara Weigand, of Copper River Salon in Princeton, NJ, to audit her salon and advise her on how to become a zero waste business.

I was pleased to see, as I waked in, that Copper River had already started on the path to Zero Waste. They were recycling everything that they can recycle municipally and were running the Garnier Beauty Brigade for their cosmetic waste, a free way to turn cosmetic and beauty packaging into donations for non-profits!

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