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Building your CSR Strategy without the baggage – what would you do differently?

Establishing a new sustainability strategy at your company can come with plenty of baggage but what if you had the chance to do it all right…from the beginning.


  • No long term relationships that are inconsistent with your sustainability strategy
  • No long term contracts with non-aligned partners
  • No inertia built into your operations and decision making
  • No culture of fear for trying unproven strategies
  • No track record with reliable supply chain partners
  • No interference from a parent company

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Shared Value Starts with Embedding a Social Mission into the Corporate Culture

When companies break away from the single minded drive for profit maximization and begin to exlpore a more broad goal of value creation, the first step is always the same…a shift in corporate culture.

shared value1

By: Marc Pfitzer, Valerie Bockstette and Mike Stamp of FSG

Since their launch, in 2005, Nexera canola and sunflower seeds, used for making cooking oils, have become one of Dow Chemical’s best-selling product lines. The seeds and the oils offer many advantages: The seeds yield more than twice as much oil per hectare as soybeans, making them an attractive crop for farmers. The oils’ longer shelf and “fry” lives lower the operating costs of food manufacturers and food service companies. And, last but not least, the oils have lower levels of saturated fat than competing products and contain no trans fats.

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Are businesses missing the boat when it comes to sustainable behaviour change?

New survey shows majority of businesses are taking behaviour change seriously but there are still misaligned priorities and a lack of top level engagement


There’s a mistmatch between issues and actions with companies identifying material scarcity as one of the least important external issues but making action on waste a top area of behaviour change.

Motivating behaviour change is an issue that’s been at the forefront of the sustainability agenda, but it’s not always clear exactly how it should be defined. What behaviours are people trying to change? What strategies are being used? And how seriously is the issue being taken by business?

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VIDEO: 5 Lessons to Engage “New Consumers”: BBMG’s New Report “Unleashed”

BBMGRecently my husband and I were reflecting on how great it is to finally feel we are in the mainstream of collective thought.

Most of our lives we’ve cared about global warming, organic food, personal growth, alternative medicine, organizational culture. But we’ve also for the longest time, felt like we’re part of a fringe culture. A friend solidified this feeling by saying to me years ago, “I’m glad someone cares about these things.”

But it seems like the long journey has finally started to push our beliefs into the mainstream.

Today, we feel like we are a part of a huge tribe that shares our values. And that feeling was confirmed by the recent BBMG report Unleashed: How New Consumers Will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability.

Here are the report’s key takeaways for reaching the 70 million new consumers in the U.S.:

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Looking to Change Employee Behaviour: Let Organizational Culture Lead the Way

Gareth KaneI was running an employee engagement workshop in one of the U.K.’s largest manufacturers when a plant operative, still in his dirty overalls, turned to me, shook his head, and said “They’ve put these stickers on the machines telling us to switch them off, but there’s nothing in the standard operating procedures. It is drummed into us from day one to follow those procedures so if it ain’t in there, it ain’t happening.”

This guy had precisely nailed the problem with the vast majority of attempts to ‘green’ employee behavior. At best they blithely ignore the prevalent culture in the organization and, at worst, try to change it wholesale.

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