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5 ways boards of directors can support sustainability

5 ways boards of directors can support sustainabilityWhile corporate responsibility has risen as a strategic priority for many companies, boards have not been driving this change. The UN Global Compact LEAD board program conducts extensive surveys and interviews with board members, which have revealed some significant key areas where board members often are not aligned. Those key areas are what sustainability means, what value it brings to the company, whether it adds to (or subtracts from) profit and innovation, what the risks and opportunities of sustainability are and who the most important stakeholders are for the company’s success or failure.

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Climate Change and Insurance: A Looming Threat to the Economy

cabsWhile some of us may still be debating the causes of climate change, the insurance industry has been left to deal with its disturbing consequences. Climate change is estimated to cost the world economy over $1.2 trillion per year. The number of weather-related loss events in North America alone has nearly quintupled in the past three decades, which begs a very important question: how are we going to ensure that private and public assets remain insurable in the face of increasing climate volatility and extreme weather events?  Join TSSS for a webcast and twitterchat on the topic of Cities and Climate Change with former Toronto Mayor, David Miller and Guelph Mayor, Karen farbridge (March 27th at 5PM EST) – register here.

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Why Bother with CSR? It’s all about the Brand

BrandIn 2006, Andrew Winston and Daniel Esty wrote in Green to Gold that building corporate reputation and trusted brands is one of the ways smart companies can profit from sustainability. “The better a company does at protecting its reputation and building brand trust, the more successful it will be at gaining and maintaining competitive differentiation,” they wrote.

Six years later, MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG asked 2,600 executives, “What are the greatest benefits to your organizations in addressing sustainability?” The first reply on the list was none other than “improved brand reputation” (40 percent).

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Should Companies Care If Hurricane Sandy Was “Caused” By Climate Change?

Hurricane Sandy killed more than 100 people in the U.S. and the Caribbean, and caused billions of dollars in damage.  The scene around my Connecticut home is not pretty, with downed trees and power lines everywhere. It’s a serious time, and a time for some serious questions. Why did this happen? And from a business (or any) perspective, does it matter whether this megastorm was caused by climate change? I’d say no… and yes.

First, the “no” part…

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