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Helping Empower Boards to Unlock the Value of Corporate Sustainability

boardroom table

Board members can play a pivotal role in helping companies unlock the value of corporate sustainability.

Open a newspaper or tune into a radio show, and it’s a good bet you’ll run into a story about growing mistrust of companies and their leaders.

The sense that some of our current incentive systems seem to be driving risky and in some cases immoral behavior has catalyzed a public call for transparency, accountability, better governance and stewardship of our common resources. One major change people seek is commitment to sustainable business principles and subsequent global action.

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5 ways boards of directors can support sustainability

board-meetingWhile corporate responsibility has risen as a strategic priority for many companies, boards have not been driving this change. The UN Global Compact LEAD board program conducts extensive surveys and interviews with board members, which have revealed some significant key areas where board members often are not aligned. Those key areas are what sustainability means, what value it brings to the company, whether it adds to (or subtracts from) profit and innovation, what the risks and opportunities of sustainability are and who the most important stakeholders are for the company’s success or failure.

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11 Ways to Build WIN-WIN Corporate-NGO Partnerships

Alice_KorngoldCompanies that are successful in finding solutions to global problems work in partnership with each other and with NGOs. Through the right partnerships, companies can leverage valuable access and expertise to achieve their business objectives—including building regional capacity, enhancing community relationships, and gaining knowledge of markets where the company seeks to expand its presence.

By understanding and helping improve communities, multinational corporations are best positioned to invest in facilities, infrastructure and workforces, and create and sell products and services that people want.

So how do you ensure the partnerships you invest in are worthy of your time and resources, and focus on impact? Here are a few best practices:

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We Need to Make Corporations Work For Us

Bob MonksI have a very simple thing to say. It’s within the framework of our present institutional structure to tame the impact of corporations on our society. Corporations must have involved owners and ownership is both a right and a responsibility.

We’ve heard a lot about the ownership rights in corporate governance but much less about the responsibilities. We know that the greater the involvement by owners in corporate affairs, the greater the value of the enterprise. Corporate managers have spent a fortune in legal fees and time trying to deny that because — let’s face it — if corporate managers wanted to have good corporate governance we’d have good corporate governance.  We don’t have it because chief executives view it as an impediment to their ability to utterly dominate the affairs of the corporation and its function.

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Uncontrolled Greed is so 80’s – Welcome to the B Corp

certified b corporation

As you’re likely aware, the Benefit Corporation and B Corporation movement is growing rapidly. In discussing the technicalities of the legal entity and certification, sometimes the purpose and rationale for the two get lost in the mix. So I’ll define here the unique problem this duo sets out to solve, and map out how the duo is uniquely suited to solving it.

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