SocialVoiceSOCIALVOICE LLC., is a consultancy & service network dedicated to helping businesses grow by helping them build mindful brands.  Our focus is to create brands that endure by being people-centric, socially relevant and serve a greater social purpose.

We leverage SocialVoice®, a proprietary brand-building program created by President & Founder of SocialVoice LLC., Anneliza Humlen, in 2009 when she co-founded The Emotional Branding Alliance.

SocialVoice® Branding focuses on three areas of development in order to strengthen brands. The first is to humanize the way brands are built and the way they communicate.  The second is through corporate culture building.  And the third is through corporate mentorship and team development.   Together, all three areas of development have proven to foster positive culture change by liberating and empowering the voices and vision behind business/brands.

Since its creation, SocialVoice® has been leveraged by innovative industry leaders such Samsung, Coca-Cola and Dassault Systemés.   Its innovative, holistic approach to brand building has earned the recognition and support of thought-leaders/organizations in the areas of marketing, CSR/Sustainability, Innovation, Leadership/Management and HR.

For more information regarding our work and SocialVoice® program, please visit our website or contact us at [email protected]

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