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Jennifer is the founder and president of SSC. She draws upon a decade of expertise in the fields of corporate social responsibility, ethical investing, and organizational accountability systems to help clients make the leap between good intentions and long-term sustainable performance. She specializes in sustainability assessments and planning, and has a Masters Degree in Sustainability Leadership.

Articles by Jennifer

Make Your Sustainability Pitch a Dialogue, Not a Soliloquy

Jennifer WoofterWhile sustainability can be a very complicated and technical challenge, at its core sustainability is about people. And when something is about people, you can bet that personal dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and emotional intelligence come into play.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to increase my persuasive abilities, and so I was glad to come across 5 Ways to Have a Great Conversations, a recent article in Fast Company written by Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence expert, speaker, and internationally published author.

Written below are Duetschendorf’s five suggestions, followed by my own reflections and commentary. For my fellow sustainability practitioners, I believe there are a lot of gems to learn and utilize here. I look forward to trying out some of these strategies on you the next time that we meet!

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6 Tips For Getting Executives to Buy-In to Sustainability

What do executives have in common with school kids? They both can be pretty picky says Laura Vanderkam, as outlined in the Fast Company article 6 Quick Lessons from the School Lunch Line for Pleasing Picky CustomersAccording to Jennifer Woofter, these helpful tips can also be applied to sustainability efforts when trying to convince executives to green-light a project. My team has taken the article’s six lessons which are listed below and added our own commentary.


School kids and executives aren’t so different, according to Laura Vanderkam

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Why Your Sustainability Leadership is Failing: 10 Suggestions for Achieving Greater Impact

Do you find that you aren’t achieving the results as a sustainability practitioner that you’d like to get?  Do you want to be a more effective leader but don’t know what to change about your approach?  The article, Why You’re Not a Leader, by Mike Myatt was published on Forbes earlier this year and is helpful in providing a framework by which to analyze sustainability leadership skills.

Jennifer Woofter, President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting reflects on how to be an effective sustainability leader.

Jennifer Woofter, President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting reflects on how to be an effective sustainability leader.

Mike’s points are in bold italics followed by suggestions from Jennifer Woofter, the President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting, on how to best to apply it to sustainability.

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Five questions to ask a sustainability consultant before you hire them

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Why You Should Wait to Act on Sustainability

Sustainability is a huge, complex, and daunting challenge. And a growing number of companies feel a sense of urgency to do something – anything – to show their stakeholders that they are paying attention. But in the rush to appear responsive, you may be missing the boat. We recently came across the Harvard Business Journal article, “Act Fast, but Not Necessarily First.” Author Frank Partnoy makes a compelling case for more deliberate decision-making, saying:

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