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5 ways boards of directors can support sustainability

5 ways boards of directors can support sustainabilityWhile corporate responsibility has risen as a strategic priority for many companies, boards have not been driving this change. The UN Global Compact LEAD board program conducts extensive surveys and interviews with board members, which have revealed some significant key areas where board members often are not aligned. Those key areas are what sustainability means, what value it brings to the company, whether it adds to (or subtracts from) profit and innovation, what the risks and opportunities of sustainability are and who the most important stakeholders are for the company’s success or failure.

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How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?

Susan_CamberisHaving spent over a decade in Human Resources, with a growing interest in sustainability, the questions I have increasingly found myself asking these questions:

  • What is HR’s role in sustainability?
  • How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?
  • How can the HR function better equip itself to lead change in this important area?

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Video: CSO at IKEA: Sustainability has gone from a nice-to-do to a must-do.”

This is an amazing inspirational talk by the Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA on the role that culture plays in driving change.   The video could be used in a 15 minute session for executives, boards and others wrestling with their company’s role in sustainability pursuits.

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The Organization of Business Itself will need to Change in a “Captialism 2.0″ World (Part 3)

Michael TownsendIn part 3 of this 5 part series, Mike Townsend examines ownership models in a Capitalism 2.0 world (CAP2).   Feel free to sign up for Volume I of a Strategy Manual called, “Capitalism 2.0: Strategies for the 21st Century Enterprise” to be released in May 2013 and/or join our new LinkedIn Group where we will be discussing the ideas of Capitalism 2.0 in more detail.  We look forward to sharing these ideas with you – click here.Sustainable Business Strategy Series


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Leon C. Megginson

There’s plenty of talk about the need to transform our businesses, and the need to become more sustainable. But do we really mean it?

Are we really prepared to follow through, to do what it takes, in order to bring about real transformation, and deliver the full implications of sustainability in business?

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Can Collaboration Help Businesses Reach Customers More Effectively?

Collaborating and partnering for change is one of the main trends in the green business space. Companies are looking to adopt a collaborative approach, but given the magnitude of the challenges they face, what is the best way to do it effectively?

To answer this question and others related to this topic, Forum for the Future and the Guardian Sustainable Business hosted an event last month in New York for CSR professionals.

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  • TSSS Event: Rethinking Prosperity. How Can We Better Navigate the Journey?


    On November 12th, author and Federal Member of Parliament (MP) for Toronto Centre Chrystia Freeland will join TSSS to share her thoughts and ideas on the challenge of wealth concentration and our shrinking middle class while exploring our collective role in charting a new path forward.  Learn more >>

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