Climate change

The rise of the energy-producing home

Imagine living in a house that contributed to society: a house that produced energy, while consuming none itself.

energy home1

The ZEB house is one example of a new type of property designed to produce surplus energy. Photograph: EVE

Well, imagine no more. After perfecting the “passivhaus”, which consumes minimal energy, engineers and architects have developed the energy positive house.

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Water intensity in our food production – are you prepared to give up what you crave most?

water energy food nexusWe’ve been told that beef uses an enormous amount of water and that cutting it out of our diet can be a great environmental choice.  In this video, created by, you can see what other choices you can make to save water.  You’ll notice that there’s one food product that you can eliminate that’s even more water intensive than beef but cutting that out of your diet might be next to impossible for many.

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It’s Time for Transformational Corporate Water Leadership


Water is high on the 10-year risk list. Too much, too little, contaminated, pure – “water crises” is identified in the recently released World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Risks Report as one of the most likely and most impactful risks over the next decade. It shares the stage with climate change, extreme weather events, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse – all of which involve water.

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Can we survive “Tesla-Time” innovation?

At the recent TSSS event (CSR and the Capital Markets – click for event summary) a conversation broke out about the power of corporate innovation to drive change…as you may have guessed, the company being discussed was Tesla.


The point being made by one of the panelists was that the markets can drive great change and can be an excellent way to deal with environmental and social challenges.  For the most part, I think everyone in the room agreed but this idea gets tricky when we dig into it a little further.

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Maybe a carbon tax isn’t such a crazy idea

There’s plenty of evidence now that carbon pricing, when properly im­plemented, doesn’t kill economies. Ontario is listening.

floating dollars1

When Stephen Harper says Alberta has a good model for carbon pricing, as he did in his year-end interview with CBC News, you know something has changed.

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