Capitalism 2.0

Can we move beyond one-dimensional capitalism? Not all “capitals” are created equal.

[Editors note: Thank-you Joss Tantram for this thoughtful article.]


This was a thought that popped into my mind after a number of real-life and online conversations about the concept of multiple capitals. This notion proposes that there is a range of sources of value (capitals) that give rise to economic and social benefits, but that current accounting and economic approaches recognise only one — financial capital.

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CSR isn’t getting the job done – now what?

CSR is dead – it’s over! So declared Peter Bakker – President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – at the recent Sustainability Science Congress in Copenhagen.


Bakker’s key argument is that leading companies are already going way beyond CSR and are integrating sustainability within everything they do, in recognition that business cannot succeed, if society fails. He urges us to innovate – to align with facts, to redesign what we mean by good performance, and to get inspired by new definitions of success.

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An unexpected message from one of Canada’s largest banks…we need greater income equality

A moneylender sees the light, discovering a spirit of giving and generosity. It’s a classic Christmas tale of redemption – and redistribution ­­– but this year the convert in question appears to be one of Canada’s biggest banks. In a recent report, economists at TD bank laid out “The Case for Leaning Against Income Inequality” pointing out the dangers of the widening divide, and giving some strong suggestions on how to turn the tide.

TD Canada Trust-HuntClub 019 (2)

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The mantra of profit maximization is slowly losing its grip.

While the falsehood that fiduciary duty means solely making money for shareholders is being chipped away, many business leaders still cling on to this behaviour.

hanging precaiously

The world of business appears to be so powerful and robust from the outside but look up close and it is brittle and full of fear.

Anxiety among top executives about losing their lavish bonuses and the status and lifestyle that comes with it, leads to the most perverse behaviour. Ignoring the damaging impacts on both society and the environment keeps things nice and simple in the same way as keeping away from the great unwashed by living behind high walls and security cameras.

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(VIDEO) GDP is so 20th century – Social Progress is the metric of the 21st century. Congrats Canada for being #1 among the G7

social-progress-index“Our fetish for economic growth has led us astray”

We need a better way to measure our societies, a measure based on the real things that matter to real people. Do I have enough to eat? Can I read and write? Am I safe? Do I have rights? Do I live in a society where I’m not discriminated against? Is my future and the future of my children prevented from environmental destruction? These are questions that GDP does not and cannot answer- it’s time for the Social Progress Index.

Please visit the original TED link here.

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