Testimonials and Endorsements

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Guest Speakers

Tim Faveri, VP of Sustainability and Responsibility, Tim Hortons
Matthew Kiernan,
President and CEO, Inflection Point Capital Management

Event Attendees

Nelson Switzer, President and Chief Sustainability Officer, asherleaf consulting
Jim Harris, Management Consultant and Best Selling Author
John Coyne, VP, Legal and External Affairs, Unilever Canada
David Smith, National VP, Retail Strategy and Sustainability, Sobeys
Bob Willard,
Sustainability Expert and Author
Frances Edmonds, Director of Environmental Programs, HP Canada
Maia Becker,
VP at Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Canada
Kevin Jones,
President and CEO, BLOOM Centre
Ksenia Benifand,
Manager of Marketing and Communications, CBSR
Ryan Turnbull,
Director of Ethics and CSR, Eco-Ethonomics

“I’m proud to support the TSSS. This valuable forum brings sustainability champions together where they can share best practices and learn from experts. I am proud to have been the inaugural speaker and I wish the TSSS continued success as it strives for its vision of transforming companies so they can capitalize on more responsible business models. Thanks Brad!”

Bob Willard
Author and speaker, The Sustainability Advantage

“Under Brad’s skilled leadership TSSS has become a venue for energizing in-depth dialogues that focus on successful sustainability strategies and the challenges of implementation.  Speakers and attendees display a willingness to share experiences, both positive and negative; TSSS shines with a spirit of candor and shared enthusiasm.  It is this spirit that will support enduring sustainability for us all.”

– Dr. Bryan Smith
Co-author, The Necessary Revolution
President, Broad Reach Innovations Inc.

“It’s a pleasure to provide my support to the TSSS.  I truly believe that any living system needs to reconnect with itself.  That’s exactly what TSSS is doing – reconnecting not just with a new way of doing, but a new way of thinking.”

– Claude Ouimet
Senior V.P. and G.M., InterfaceFLOR Canada and Latin America

“I’m a proud supporter of the TSSS.  This is an amazing forum that brings sustainability professionals together in a casual atmosphere to learn about one another’s achievements and to share best practices and key learnings.  It’s an excellent opportunity to meet peers and innovators and  to apply what you’ve learned to challenges in your own role.”

– Michelle White
Director, Sustainability, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

“At the first event I attended, I conversed with more than six different leaders of industry in the sustainability movement. Since that meeting I’ve followed up with a number of the contacts that I made which have led to opportunities for partnership, client relationships and friendship. The value of the TSSS event was not only to get informed about current sustainability news, but more importantly to further the work I do in sustainability through connecting with like-minded leaders. I look forward to attending many more successful TSSS events and collaborating with sustainability change-makers.”

– Ryan Turnbull
Founder and Principal Sustainability Consultant, Eco-Ethonomics

“In our busy society with so many events competing for the precious resource of our time, Brad and TSSS deliver on their value proposition. These events offer speakers who educate you on the latest trends and they also provide an excellent opportunity to network with other attendees.  I have learned a lot at TSSS events and hope that I contributed to this learning when I was the speaker.  TSSS events leave you with the feeling that you have been improved by the experience.  Great job Brad – keep up your efforts to move our industry forward.”

– Debbie Baxter
VP CSR and FM / Chief Sustainability Officer, Alliance Data | LoyaltyOne

“Listening, sharing and collaborating – three fundamental pillars for innovative thinking. At the TSSS, we are provided the opportunity to do all three. Thanks, Brad, for building what is clearly a leading sustainability leadership and network exchange.”

– Nelson Switzer
President & Chief Sustainability Officer, Asherleaf Consulting Inc.

“Brad, I have to tell you how much I genuinely enjoyed and appreciated my first TSSS event. The intimacy of the spacial configuration of the room coupled with the passionate presentations by the esteemed speakers was excellent. I left inspired by the words of wisdom and challenges put forth and look forward to attending again.”

– Brenda Halkiw
Executive VP, Green Living Enterprises

“I practically spent my entire afternoon yesterday navigating through articles on your TSSS website — all of which were insightful and oh-so interesting. I think it’s great that resources like this are available — cheers to your work!”

Melissa Ha,
Sustainability Management Consultant, Eco-Frontier

“Having attended the past 5 TSSS events I wanted to say WOW! This is a dynamic innovative community that sees the future and is learning and growing together. The chance to hear what sustainability leaders are doing in the real world and network with the community is very special. Thanks Brad for creating and fostering a space for this to happen, for all of us in Toronto, Ontario and beyond!”

Antony Upward,
President, Edward James Consulting Ltd.

Visit TSSSTV on YouTube to see more of what sustainability leaders are saying about TSSS.




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