So you want a career in sustainability?

Turning a passion into a profession

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I receive frequent inquiries from existing and new contacts asking for advice on how to enter the world of sustainability and sustainability consulting. I always do my best to help, though sometimes whilst also wondering whether I could have found a silver bullet to smooth my career, or deliver the security and progress which some professions naturally have.

Unfortunately, of course, no such silver bullet exists for me or for anyone else. Whilst sustainability has many of the characteristics of a professional career, as yet it lacks the structure and progression you find in most, more “mature professions”.

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Millennials Don’t Want Charity Jobs – We Want Impact!

The Millennials are here; in fact, we now outnumber Boomers in the workplace.

youth workplace

We’ve been called everything from selfish and narcissistic, to lazy and entitled. As we shake off the (mis)perceptions people will realize that we’re a generation that wants to make a difference. In fact, meaningful work is an imperative for our generation.

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