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5 (less obvious) ways to make sustainability reporting more sustainable

Make-a-bigger-impactIf you’re wondering how a successful sustainability report can better resonate with investors then please check out the next TSSS event on Feb 5.  at 5pm EST Live & Livestream. Bay/Wall Street and Sustainability: Does your CSR Report Resonate with Investors?)

Is sustainability reporting sustainable? There are some that think it is. The practice is now more widespread than ever before and and legislation in different parts of the world is supporting increased non-financial disclosure. This would indicate that reporting is here to stay. On the other hand, there are some that think it isn’t. There are those who subordinate sustainability reporting to the new financial reporting trend called Integrated Reporting, while others advocate online interactive disclosures instead of reports.

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An amazing summary of The TOP TEN Sustainability Reports of 2014

[Thank-you Elaine Cohen for an incredibly comprehensive year end look at the worlds most dynamic and impactful sustainability reports!]

Another year-end, another excruciating task picking out my Top Ten Sustainability Reports for 2014. It’s excruciating because narrowing my selection down to ten is probably the hardest thing I do on the CSR Reporting Blog each year. I am always tempted to go to 15, or 20, or 25… but why change a winning formula? Nevertheless, this year was particularly tough. There really are some great reports out there.


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(VIDEO) 4 Tips on Better Sustainability Reporting by Dr. Sustainability

dr sEnjoy this short (3 minute) video all about sustainability reporting by Dr. Sustainability.

Dr. Sustainability, is a regular guest expert on my CSR Reporting Blog. In the video below she shares some reporting tips to help a reporting geek (me) and Beyond Business (my company) spread our message about creating great Sustainability Reports.

The 4 tips: 1) Don’t be boring 2) Keep it short 3) Credibility is vital 4) Find a geek.

The video was created by Alexandre (Alex) Magnin and narrated by Juno Rinaldi. You can see more of his work and a range of fun-educational sustainability videos on the Sustainability Illustrated site.
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I’ll have some horsemeat while I wait in my cozy dog fur coat.

The Guardian reports that GBP300m was wiped off Tesco’s market value in the days following the news last week that frozen beefburgers, advertised as 100 percent beef, contained 29 percent horse DNA. Some also contained pig DNA.

This meat-swap revelation has brought with it a heavy financial penalty and a reputational nightmare for Tesco and other supermarkets. The factory from which Tesco apparently unwittingly sourced the horseburgers has now been shut down and Tesco is left with unstocked freezers, an extremely embarrassing conversation in the Board room and a big dent in the company’s value.

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The Love/Hate Paradox of Clean Capitalism

Some companies are so controversial that opinions about them range from completely positive (we love them) to despairingly critical (we hate them). This is the paradox of clean capitalism.

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