CSR isn’t getting the job done – now what?

CSR is dead – it’s over! So declared Peter Bakker – President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – at the recent Sustainability Science Congress in Copenhagen.


Bakker’s key argument is that leading companies are already going way beyond CSR and are integrating sustainability within everything they do, in recognition that business cannot succeed, if society fails. He urges us to innovate – to align with facts, to redesign what we mean by good performance, and to get inspired by new definitions of success.

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(VIDEO) 4 Tips on Better Sustainability Reporting by Dr. Sustainability

dr sEnjoy this short (3 minute) video all about sustainability reporting by Dr. Sustainability.

Dr. Sustainability, is a regular guest expert on my CSR Reporting Blog. In the video below she shares some reporting tips to help a reporting geek (me) and Beyond Business (my company) spread our message about creating great Sustainability Reports.

The 4 tips: 1) Don’t be boring 2) Keep it short 3) Credibility is vital 4) Find a geek.

The video was created by Alexandre (Alex) Magnin and narrated by Juno Rinaldi. You can see more of his work and a range of fun-educational sustainability videos on the Sustainability Illustrated site.
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Bob Willard: The Planet Can’t Wait for Incremental Change

Mon122077It’s time for a Future-Fit Business Benchmark. The reality of planetary boundaries presents one of the most daunting challenges of the twenty-first century. We are damaging the carrying capacity of the planet faster than it can repair itself. We are exceeding planetary boundaries. We are denying our nested interdependencies. For the first time in human history, the future of a healthy resilient human society is in question. This is not sustainable, neither for society nor for business.

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Women in CSR: Aman Singh, CSRwire

AmanSingh_newpicTriplePundit: Briefly describe your role and responsibilities, and how many years you have been in the business.

Aman Singh: I am the Editorial Director at CSRwire. I lead content distribution, social media strategy – for clients and our own – CSR/sustainability reporting services and other editorial functions, including managing CSRwire’s commentary section Talkback. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as the country’s leading nonprofits and academic institutions on creating and implementing communication strategies focused on stakeholder engagement and behavior change, including Unilever, Verizon, SAP, ARAMARK, Campbell Soup, Sodexo, EarthShare, Points of Light and others.

I am a student of journalism and started my career right after graduating from high school at Tehelka, a website based out of New Delhi, India, that at that time was known for its investigatory exposes and cutting-edge reporting. Along the way, I’ve worked at myriad outlets including ABC News, The Villager, Downtown Express and The Wall Street Journal. So I’ve been in the “business of writing and editing” for over 15 years. But I turned my focus to CSR and sustainability during the 2008 recession when things were crumbling around us economically and responsibility – both corporate and personal – seemed in short supply. Since then I have written for numerous publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Vault, Greenbiz, and TriplePundit.

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We Need to Make Corporations Work For Us

Bob MonksI have a very simple thing to say. It’s within the framework of our present institutional structure to tame the impact of corporations on our society. Corporations must have involved owners and ownership is both a right and a responsibility.

We’ve heard a lot about the ownership rights in corporate governance but much less about the responsibilities. We know that the greater the involvement by owners in corporate affairs, the greater the value of the enterprise. Corporate managers have spent a fortune in legal fees and time trying to deny that because — let’s face it — if corporate managers wanted to have good corporate governance we’d have good corporate governance.  We don’t have it because chief executives view it as an impediment to their ability to utterly dominate the affairs of the corporation and its function.

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