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Anneliza is President and Founder of SocialVoice LLC., a consultancy and service network based in NYC that focuses on building social purpose through corporate culture, brand ambassadors, and community advocacy.   She has over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies and industry leading organizations, building innovative programs that promote emotional and social connections between brands and people.  She’s a member of the 2013 and 2014 World Brand Congress Advisory Council, recipient of the 2013 CMO Council and WBC Award for Brand Leadership.  She is a public speaker and writer whose work has been featured in the Huffington Post Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing and Communication sections, and leading academic journals such as the Journal of Brand Strategy.

Articles by Anneliza

Brand’s CSR Opportunity: Adopting a Retail Perspective

Sometimes the best opportunities arise when you adopt a new perspective.

mapWhen you think about the different ways that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) transpires throughout daily life, examples seen at retail will often come to mind. Such examples include the sale of green products, responsible ingredients and manufacturing claims (i.e. Fair Trade), or re-usable bags for purchase. More often than not, there is also some form of fund-raising effort present at retail to support a cause or charity. In recent years, these examples have become so ubiquitous in presence and predictable in their communication approach. So much so, that sadly they have become relatively ineffective at inspiring broader public support for the very CSR principles and causes they strive to represent. Such passive forms of corporate support for social and environmental issues are often just more information and promotional advertising. What is often missing is the added effort to actually communicate and connect with people in ways that provide an enriching experience and inspire further interest. This is where the adoption of a retail perspective and way of thinking can help.

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CSR Communication Goal Should be Impact, not Information

impactI’m a big believer that through business and brands we have the ability to create positive social impact. It is the reason why I’m such an advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all forms. Especially when it comes to efforts that have been transformative, not just improvements to standard industry practice. CSR has evolved to become a significant ingredient and investment for business health and growth. It is why I’ve come to expect even more of CSR communication, and why business and society should as well. Too many CSR communication efforts today strive for the minimum, creating “just enough” of a reaction to get noticed by shareholders, employees, and the pubic. But what good are such investments if they fail to raise support for the social issues advocated? Or fail to connect CSR issues beyond niche interest?

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Why Employee Engagement Needs to be Infectious

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person –not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”
                          Anne M. Mulcahy – Former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation


The term “employee engagement” is usually considered an HR responsibility for building employee morale and retention. It is also valued by executives and team leaders to build internal relationships and a greater sense of “team.” In either case, the very concept of “employee engagement” is often perceived to be a feel-good effort versus strategic investment and competitive advantage.  Support, or lack thereof, for such programs, tends to be polarizing. The emotional benefit these programs represent can often obscure and distract traditional business minds from seeing the true impact they can ultimately have on improving corporate performance.

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Is CSR Branding Becoming “Unsustainable”?

Broken_PromisesWe see the terms “brand” and “sustainability” mentioned together more often today than ever before.   Since brands usually function as the connection between business and people, their role has evolved beyond marketing to also represent corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.   But when a corporation’s sustainability commitments become unfulfilled promises, or fail to engender broader support –  the future of a sustainable brand can ultimately become “unsustainable.”

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Retailing with Purpose: Enriching the People and the Places They Live

CommunityIn the world of retail today, it is not enough for brands to compete on strategies that are just grounded on being bigger, better, faster and/or cheaper than competition. The sad reality is that most retailers today compete relying only on such strategies to succeed.  It becomes only a matter of time until they are knocked-off their leadership perch by some other retailer who is even bigger, better, faster and/or cheaper. The demise of long standing retailers from big box chains such as Borders or Circuit City, to small privately owned businesses, should serve as a sobering reminder (and warning) about the risk that comes with market instability and reliance on unsustainable growth models.

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