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VIDEO: Jon Stewart Demonstrates Science to Teach the Basics of Climate Change to Congress

Over the weekend, some 400,000 Americans took to the streets of New York City to demand action on climate change, but as Jon Stewart pointed out on Monday night’s “Daily Show,” too many members of Congress continue to deny the science.

Jon asks, “Do we really need a march to raise awareness of global climate change”. Well, listen to the comments by the gentlemen from the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology and you’ll get a sense as to why action on climate change is so slow.  Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) said, “I mean think about it, if your ice cube melts in your glass it doesn’t overflow, it’s displacement.  This is the thing, some of the things they’re talking about, mathematically and scientifically don’t make sense.”

With that, Stewart broke out some ice and some water and did an experiment that hopefully the congressman could understand.

Starts at 2:42. [Sorry to my non-US viewers but this video has been taken down - click here for a more detailed summary via Huffington Post]

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