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The Sustainable Economy Project:
A Better Model Means a Better Life

Under the strategic direction of Michael Townsend and Brad Zarnett, Earthshine and TSSS have joined forces to raise awareness of the shift that is already taking place towards a new business model – one that creates wealth, opportunity and satisfaction for the greatest number of people.

We aim to create a more vibrant picture of where we’re headed. We believe that “destination sustainability” needs to better communicate what this future will look like if it hopes to attract the greatest number of people and to ultimately establish a viable alternate economic ecosystem.   This effort will culminate with the release of a paper titled, “A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0”. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

There are consequences

Capitalism 1.0 has created enormous wealth for the world but its flaws can no longer be ignored. As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said, “We burned our way to prosperity. We believed in consumption without consequences.”  This economic system has led to ecosystem degradation and the exploitation of hundreds of millions of people.

The operating system that we’ve come to take for granted as the only system for our global economy is in desperate need of change.   And while there is not yet a consensus on what the future “system” should look like, the abundance of articles and stories in mainstream media about the evolution of Capitalism clearly indicates a strong appetite for change.  We need not be bound by the conventions of the last 200 years.

What will a sustainable society look like?

The Sustainable Economy Project is designed to provoke thought and rational debate, create awareness of possibilities, join up the dots for what is already happening, and engage you in the process of change.   There’s much more work to be done to identify what our economy and society will look like once we’ve arrived.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and learning about your views as we embark on this journey to design a better economic system.

Please click here to download the paper.

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Michael Townsend is Founder and CEO of Earthshine Solutions: an engineering graduate, recovering MBA, and business transformation leader with over twenty-five years experience in a range of sectors.  Michael established Earthshine in 2006 and has emerged as a thought leader on strategic preparedness for companies looking to compete/survive in the emerging sustainable economy.  Michael’s clients span the globe and include Norwich Union (Aviva) Insurance, BAA, British Airways, Mace, The Home Office and Loylaty One among others. Michael writes regularly for Sustainable Business magazine, Huffington Post, 2-degrees Network and the Guardian and is currently working on his new book, ”The Rough Guide to Sustainable Business.”

Brad Zarnett is the Founder and President of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS).  Now in its 6th year, TSSS is widely recognized as Canada’s premiere forum for dialogue and problem solving among sustainability professionals. Each year over 1000 sustainability change agents attend TSSS events to exchange ideas and delve into trends, risks and opportunities that are presented by our shifting business model.  Brad is often considered to be a “tribal” leader in the sustainability movement; he is a connector of people and ideas.  Brad has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto and regularly writes and speaks on the topic of corporate sustainability.

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