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The Talent Transformation: The HR Opportunity in the Era of Sustainability

Talent-Transformation-TripleBottomLineIn many ways, Andrew Savitz’s Talent, Transformation and the Triple Bottom Line (Jossey-Bass, 2013) is a call to action for HR professionals, summed up beautifully in the book’s preface:

The age of sustainability is here. Some companies, industries, and individual business people have done more than others to adapt to it and benefit from it. Now is the time for HR professionals to join the ongoing revolution – and, we hope, to lead their organizations to increasing success in the remarkably challenging, dynamic and exciting new world emerging around us.

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Can the “Shared Value” promise resonate with the ‘square people’?

Porter at SV SummitEarlier this month Thomas Friedman wrote on the New York Times about two very different groups trying to shape the economic environment worldwide.

The first was Davos men–the “transnational, cosmopolitan elite drawn from high-tech, finance, multinationals, academics and NGOs,” who regularly attend the Davos World Economic Forum.

The second group was the “square people”–according to Friedman, it includes mostly young people, who are aspiring to a higher standard of living and more liberty, seeking either reform or revolution in their country (depending on their existing government) and “demanding a new social contract.”

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How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?

Susan_CamberisHaving spent over a decade in Human Resources, with a growing interest in sustainability, the questions I have increasingly found myself asking these questions:

  • What is HR’s role in sustainability?
  • How can HR have a greater impact in creating and driving a sustainable culture?
  • How can the HR function better equip itself to lead change in this important area?

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Business Succeeds When Economic Success Aligns with Social Outcomes: Michael Porter

Michael Porter, co-founder of the Shared Value Initiative (with Mark Kramer) launches the Shared Value Summit in NYC last week. Michael explains with great eloquence why he’s never been more excited about the Shared Value movement and the opportunities for business to increase profitability while solving social problems.  “It’s not about tradeoffs between economic success and social outcomes.”

[Upcoming Event on Shared Value in Toronto (and via Livestream) - Please join us as the Executive Director of the Shared Value Initiative, Justin Bakule joins TSSS on May 28th. Ticket sales end soon.  Click here for more details]

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Make Your Sustainability Pitch a Dialogue, Not a Soliloquy

Jennifer WoofterWhile sustainability can be a very complicated and technical challenge, at its core sustainability is about people. And when something is about people, you can bet that personal dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and emotional intelligence come into play.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to increase my persuasive abilities, and so I was glad to come across 5 Ways to Have a Great Conversations, a recent article in Fast Company written by Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence expert, speaker, and internationally published author.

Written below are Duetschendorf’s five suggestions, followed by my own reflections and commentary. For my fellow sustainability practitioners, I believe there are a lot of gems to learn and utilize here. I look forward to trying out some of these strategies on you the next time that we meet!

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