It’s the Little Guys Who Are The Real Change Agents Towards Sustainability


When it comes to protecting the environment or improving workers’ conditions, you might think the biggest companies are making the biggest positive impact.

Multinationals like Apple and McDonald’s are so large that –just by taking a few significant steps towards sustainability– they can change vast swaths of the global marketplace.

But it turns out that the largest corporations aren’t leading on this issue. It’s the small and medium-sized businesses that are out in front on compliance with sustainability, worker safety and other standards.

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What Makes a Board Fit for the Future?

future-fit-boards-copyIn a recent webinar hosted by Helle Bank Jorgensen, a panel including the Global Chairman of Unilever, the Chair of the CSR Committee from PVH Corp. and Managing Director of BlackRock was assembled to discuss the crucial board questions of our time. A general consensus was reached that a balance must be struck between long-term goals and short-term gains. Sustainable short-term shareholder returns will result from a clear, company-wide strategy for long-term success.

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Can Canadians get our elected officials to focus on our environmental concerns? Introducing GreenPAC.

Canadians appear to care about their environment but our views are often underrepresented by our elected officials.  What can we do?

Greenpac logo

Canada faces many environmental challenges. Complex issues such as climate change, species loss, and habitat degradation concern Canadians, yet individual actions alone are not enough to address these challenges — not without government action.

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Tetra Pak supports the use of sustainable raw materials with their “Moving to the Front” campaign

Brian Kennell

Brian Kennell

A message from the CEO of Tetra Pak Inc., Canada & U.S.

As Canada’s elections loom this fall, non-partisan groups such as Ecology Ottawa and the Sierra Club Canada are working hard to make sure that the environment is top-of-mind to all voters, notes a recent article in “The Globe and Mail.” And for good reason given UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s comment that Canada needs to stop stalling on setting climate change goals made during the December UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Peru.

Ban Ki-Moon made his remarks in an interview on CBC News on the heels of Canada’s $300 million pledge to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, saying “It’s only natural that Canada as one of the G7 countries should take a leadership role.” But he believes that there’s more to be done by Canada at home, and advocates that Canada transitions to a climate-resilient economy by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and adopting renewable energy.

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Can we survive “Tesla-Time” innovation?

At the recent TSSS event (CSR and the Capital Markets – click for event summary) a conversation broke out about the power of corporate innovation to drive change…as you may have guessed, the company being discussed was Tesla.


The point being made by one of the panelists was that the markets can drive great change and can be an excellent way to deal with environmental and social challenges.  For the most part, I think everyone in the room agreed but this idea gets tricky when we dig into it a little further.

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