For Business, Social Good and Profitability Are One in the Same.


Want to make money, attract and retrain top talent, and drive customers to you in droves? The solution is quite simple and it feels good too. It is the integration of cause or social purpose into the way you do and sell your business offering.

Cause is the key differentiator that is winning over our more socially minded society (and consumer). The phenomenal growth of companies with social impact at their core is testament of this:

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‘Woe is Us': Oil Industry a Hot Mess After NDP Alberta Victory

woe is usWhile Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservative cadre lick their wounds after last night’s landslide victory by the New Democratic Party and leader Rachel Notley, punditry about the oil industry’s place in the transformed province is in full force.

Even before the results were in, Canadians were being warned new leadership in Canada’s oilpatch will mean very scary things for the economy: fleeing investors, abandoned projects, market uncertainty.

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New York Releases New Plan for a Strong and Just City

OneNYC establishes bold goals and specific targets for a strong, sustainable, resilient, and equitable city – 800,000 people out of poverty by 2025, Zero Waste, eliminating long-term displacement after future shock events, and much more.


The de Blasio administration has released “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City,” a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and resilient city for all New Yorkers that addresses the profound social, economic, and environmental challenges ahead.

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Four Ways to Secure Sustainable Sourcing Networks

Multinationals like Coca Cola, Interface and others are making public commitments to ramp up their sustainability efforts across the supply chain in response to escalating consumer pressure, the “compliance” squeeze and a desire to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

supply chain

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When Good Intentions are not Enough: De-Coding Supply Chain Sustainability

supplychain01-500x350It is simply not enough in today’s world to just set out a CSR policy or a supplier code of conduct or total up the number of sustainability initiatives in the supply chain and think you are doing the right thing. The days of accountability by case study are fading fast. Companies must actually do the work and invest the capital to create lasting (and profitable) change in their supply chains

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