Meirav Even-Har is a Justmeans staff blogger. She reports on Canadian CSR issues. Meirav is an independent sustainability consultant and writer working in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in green buildings, water issues and stakeholder engagement. TWITTER: @CSR_Meirav LINKED IN:…

Articles by Meirav

CSR In Canada: Who’s Who and Why They Matter (Part 4, Corporate Knights)

ckThe growth and maturation of corporate citizenship is often dependent on the availability of tools, timely research, shared experiences and above all, a community that recognizes leaders from laggards. Whether on the global stage or here in Canada, few contribute to the discourse of corporate sustainability quite like Corporate Knights (CK).

Known for its various rankings of corporate sustainability performance, CK offers more than its well-known Best 50 Corporate Citizens or the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations reports. A media, research and financial products company, it is also about driving an honest dialogue on all things Clean Capitalism. A term coined by the organization, it refers to “an economic system in which prices incorporate social, economic and ecological benefits and costs, and actors know the full impacts of their marketplace actions.” [1]

What makes Corporate Knights a CSR “enabler”? This fourth blog in an ongoing series will aim to provide a brief summary of some of CK’s contributions this past year.

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CSR In Canada: Who’s Who and Why They Matter (Part III: Conference Board of Canada)

CSR “enablers” are the organizations that help drive corporate sustainability excellence and continuous improvement in Canada. In recognition of such key players in Canada’s CSR network, this Part III of a series profiles The Conference Board of Canada. With vast research topics in the areas of: economic trends, organizational performance, and public policy there’s a lot to choose from. Not all research is CSR focused, but much of it provides relevant insights into business issues in Canada, and in some way relate to social and environmental issues.

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CSR In Canada: Who’s Who and Why They Matter (Part II: TSSS)

Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series“CSR enablers” is a term I use to describe organizations that exist to help drive the CSR conversation in Canada. They provide research support, peer-to-peer learning, advocacy and networking. In this ongoing series, I am profiling the organizations that are well established in the Canadian business sustainability network.

This is Part Two, featuring the Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series (TSSS). As a regular attendee, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to meet new people in what sometimes seems like a relatively small group of professionals in Toronto. With each speaker and topic, a number of new faces join, and so grows this networking group.

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CSR In Canada: Who’s Who and Why They Matter (Part 1: NBS)

Leadership in Canadian CSR is important. Without leaders, we lack inspiration and the experience of a practical way to capture what works and what doesn’t in corporate sustainability. But progress in CSR is not just about the innovative companies and their leaders. I’ve also come to acknowledge the importance of recognizing the “background CSR enablers.” Those include think tanks, research support, and networking organizations that exist to provide growth in corporate sustainability. Mission-based, these organizations help drive the CSR conversation further, faster, and deeper. Canadian companies are better for it.

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Seeing the Forest with Trees: Domtar’s Drive for Sustainable Paper Lifecycle

How do you know a company has taken serious steps to integrate sustainability into its business? Read the corporate Vision and Mission statements. Domtar’s sustainability journey has evolved over a decade, making it a North American industry leader.

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